17 Top Plumbing Magazines & Publications for Industry News
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17 Essential Plumbing Magazines & Publications to Stay Informed

Top Plumbing Magazines & Publications

From updated code requirements to innovative plumbing software, the plumbing industry is ever-changing. One way successful contractors keep up with these changes is by reading plumbing magazines and browsing online content.   

Not every plumbing publication or online magazine is a good resource, though, so you must be mindful of what you read. Ensure you get accurate, valuable information by selecting one (or more) of the top magazines and publications for industry news.  

Why Should You Subscribe to a Plumbing Magazine?

A plumbing magazine is more than a set of pages bound together. Those pages come with benefits that can help your business and customers. When you subscribe to a plumbing magazine, you’ll access:

  • Expert tips from licensed plumbers 
  • Reviews of products tested by plumbers
  • Industry trends and benchmarks 
  • Marketing and lead nurturing tips
  • Technology recommendations 

After digesting the information, you’ll feel more confident and capable. That, in turn, will help you satisfy your customers and grow your plumbing business. 

17 Top Plumbing Magazines & Publications to Check Out

With pages and pages of results, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking for plumbing magazines and publications online. Fortunately, you can skip the Google search and pick one of the magazines or publications from this list.   

1. Plumber Magazine

Plumber launched as an ezine for residential and commercial plumbers in 2015 and added a print version the following year. Both versions have the same content, so you can choose one based on your preferences.    

Readers are treated to articles featuring industry information, product spotlights, case studies, and tips. Plumber magazine also helps contractors with the business side of plumbing by providing guidance on marketing, networking, taxes, and other vital topics.  

Visit the Plumber website to subscribe to the print magazine or ezine. As long as you’re a contractor or associated with a plumbing company, you won’t have to pay a thing for your subscription. You’ll also have access to the digital archive to read previous issues after signing up. 

2. Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) News Center

PHCC is dedicated to training and educating plumbing and HVACR contractors and fulfills that with the free resources on the News Center. PHCC’s News Center excels at covering industry news and publishes at least one article a month on that topic. You can also read about advocacy and PHCC news on the site.  

3. Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer eMagazine 

Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer eMagazine is the go-to source for contractors who design plumbing, fire protection, piping, hydronic, and solar thermal systems. You can read the magazine to stay up to date on code requirements, market trends, and new products and innovations. The plumbing magazine also extensively covers all aspects of LEED-certified projects. 

You can get a free Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer eMagazine subscription by signing up on the website. Your subscription also includes free access to previous issues. 

4. Plumbing & Mechanical eMagazine

Plumbing & Mechanical publishes a free ezine for plumbers and mechanical contractors. The monthly magazine offers in-depth market forecasts, industry trends, and emerging opportunities for plumbing contractors. You can also turn to this plumbing magazine for troubleshooting tips when facing challenging installations and repairs.  

Subscribe to Plumbing & Mechanical’s eMagazine to read current and previous issues for free. Signing up also unlocks over 20,000 articles in Plumbing & Mechanical’s digital library. 

5. Housecall Pro Blog

Housecall Pro is best known for its all-in-one plumbing software for contractors and companies. The software automates and streamlines tasks, making it easier to run a plumbing company. Plumbing contractors also use the Housecall Pro blog as a free resource for building a thriving business.  

With plumbing templates, sales tips, and bidding strategies, Housecall Pro’s blogs help you run your business efficiently and effectively. Check out Housecall Pro’s blog if you’re ready to turn your plumbing skills into a profitable company. 

6. PHCP Pros and PHC News

PHCP Pros’ website contains helpful information for plumbing contractors, distributors, and engineers. With plumbing-related podcasts, webinars, and articles, you’re sure to increase your knowledge when using the resources provided by PHCP Pros

You can double down on learning by subscribing to PHCP Pros’ digital magazine, PHC News. This plumbing magazine has a knack for explaining how to handle challenging plumbing projects. You’ll learn new approaches that might be useful on a job site. PHC News also covers innovative products and technologies you can use to grow your business. 

PHC News is available in print and digital versions, and both are free. You can read current and past issues of PHC News online without creating an account. If you prefer a physical copy, complete the form to get your free magazine delivered to your home. 

7. Plumbing Perspective Blog

Mechanical Hub acquired Plumbing Perspective in 2017 and transformed it into one of the best free resources for plumbing contractors and companies. The blog has a wealth of information on plumbing products, recruitment, training, trade shows, and trends. You’ll also want to check out the Pro Staff reviews to see the tools and products the experts recommend. 

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8. Supply House Times

The American Supply Association publishes the free ezine Supply House Times. Plumbing products are the magazine’s primary focus, but you’ll also read about business strategies, industry trends, and news. 

Sign up for a free subscription to the Supply House Times to get the ezine delivered to your email address. After registering, you can check out previous issues and access the rest of the content on the website. The site has a lot of interesting resources, including whitepapers. 

9. Contractor Magazine

Contractor Magazine serves plumbing, mechanical system, and hydronic professionals. The magazine comes out monthly, and each issue covers various topics. You can use the resources to learn how to start a plumbing business, develop a solid marketing strategy, and nurture leads. You’ll also find a lot of plumbing tips, including ways to use technology to better serve your customers.  

Plumbers and mechanical contractors can subscribe to the print or digital version of Contractor Magazine for free. Subscribers can also access past issues. 

10. Progress Magazine

The  Massachusetts chapter of PHCC, or PHCC of MA, publishes four digital issues of Progress Magazine each year. It hosts the magazine on its website; you can read current and past issues for free. Some articles are geared toward Massachusetts contractors, but most are helpful regardless of location. For instance, the magazine often features plumbing tips, interesting industry news, and business guidance. This information is useful whether you work in Massachusetts, California, or somewhere in between. 

11. Southern PHC Magazine 

Southern PHC’s bimonthly magazine is a great resource for building motivation and growing your company. The plumbing magazine shares inspiring success stories and eye-opening interviews with industry insiders and experts. You’ll also learn about the latest products and get strategies to optimize your business.   

Subscribe to Southern PHC Magazine to receive a free digital or print subscription. Also, stick around on the website to read the news and featured articles. 

12. HVAC & Plumbing Product eNews

Stay on top of the latest products and industry happenings by reading HVAC & Plumbing Product eNews. This free plumbing magazine is available online, or you can sign up to have it delivered to your inbox each month. 

The first HVAC & Plumbing Product eNews issue came out in 2023, so it’s a newer publication. Still, it already stands out due to the detailed product information and digestible news stories. If you’re in a time crunch and want to read a magazine that’s straight to the point, this is the one for you. 

13. Working Pressure Magazine

As the official magazine of ASSE International, Working Pressure was created for professionals in the plumbing and mechanical industries. Each magazine has feature stories on plumbing challenges, industry news, and other topics. Working Pressure also has regular monthly columns.

Working Pressure digs deep into the details, but it’s not dry. The articles have a lot of personality, so you can devour the magazine cover to cover in no time. Check it out by accessing the digital version of Working Pressure magazine on the website. Print copies are also free of charge but are only available to ASSE International members. 

14. Maryland PHCC Contractor Magazine

You don’t have to live in the mid-Atlantic region to read Maryland PHCC Contractor Magazine. The quarterly ezine covers safety and other topics you might not find in other plumbing magazines. It’s also easy to access since you don’t have to create an account to read the magazine’s current or past issues. Instead, visit the website and choose the issue you want to read first. 

15. Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

MCAA’s website provides an unbelievable number of free resources for plumbing contractors and companies. Because the website serves all mechanical contractors, you’ll need to use the search box on the top right-hand side of the homepage to look for content. Typing “Plumbing” into the search box brings up nearly 7,000 results, so you won’t run out of content anytime soon. 

All the content is impressive, but MCAA stands out when it comes to training and education. You can review training modules, download workbooks, and access toolkits. The content is free to access, but you’ll need to create an account to download workbooks and other files.  

16. ASPE Pipeline

The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) is a popular resource for people in the plumbing system design industry. While the site has lots of resources, the ASPE Pipeline stands out. You’ll find ASPE updates, industry news, editorials, and education opportunities when you read the ASE Pipeline. Some of the educational opportunities are free, even when they are offered by third parties.

You can access the content on the ASPE Pipeline for free, and you don’t need to sign up. Instead, just hop on the website whenever you need plumbing tips, information, or news.

17. World Plumbing Council Newsletter 

You can expand your knowledge by reading the WPC Review Newsletter from the World Plumbing Council. This newsletter includes research, studies, and industry news. You can have the newsletter delivered to your inbox free of charge by signing up on the site. If you don’t want to sign up, you can also read the newsletters on the website. 

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