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How a moving company set itself apart from the competition

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Daniel White ran and sold a successful insurance agency before starting his own moving company, Bigger Better Movers. In less than three years, he grew his company to ten guys in three trucks.

Daniel talks about how he set his business apart using tactics like simple, transparent pricing and deposit-free online booking. He promotes his key differentiator on his trucks, which all say “Oklahoma’s only flat-rate moving company.” 

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He explains it’s important to understand what your customers are looking for subconsciously: “It’s a level of psychology that a lot of people, from a sales standpoint, don’t understand. They don’t even know what drew them to make a specific purchasing decision.” 

Daniel also discusses the decisions he has made to protect his customer and his team during COVID-19 pandemic. He has some particularly interesting and useful practices in place on how to run a moving company with social distancing.

Listen to JC talk to Daniel about all of this, as well as tips on hiring, working with a business coach, and more.

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Last Posted June, 2024
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