14 Top Electrical Contractor Magazines to Follow for Industry News

14 Top Electrical Contractor Magazines & Publications to Follow for Industry News

Top Electrical Contractor Magazines & Publications

Electrical professionals who stay current with industry news and code updates improve their safety and quality of work. Magazines and publications for electrical contracting professionals inform electricians about industry trends, the latest news, and important changes to codes and standards.

Reading trade publications helps contractors and business owners identify new opportunities to increase revenue and profits. You’ll discover ways to streamline operations, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage. Here’s a round-up of Housecall Pro’s favorite electrical contractor magazines and publications.

Why Should You Subscribe to an Electrician Magazine?

As an electrician, staying up-to-date with industry news and advancements is crucial. In addition to combing through electrician books, subscribing to reputable electrician magazines is an easy way to keep your knowledge and skills sharp.

Whether you work in residential wiring, commercial installations, or industrial controls, magazines offer how-to advice and insights on tools, materials, and methods to help you improve. Following tutorials on smart home systems or EV charging stations allows you to take on new, in-demand work.

14 Top Electrical Magazines & Publications to Check Out

As a busy electrician, keeping up with industry news and best practices can be challenging. Luckily, some great resources are out there to help you stay in the know. Here are 14 top electrical magazines and publications to check out.

1. Electrical Contractor Magazine (ECM)

Electrical Contractor Magazine (ECM) is a monthly trade publication targeted at professionals in the electrical construction industry. ECM covers the latest news, trends, and issues in the field so you can stay on top of what’s happening. 

Recent articles have focused on workforce development, safety practices, and new technologies like LED lighting and renewable energy systems. The magazine also highlights tools, equipment, and products that can help electrical contractors work more efficiently and profitably. 

2. Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering focuses on the latest industry news and technology for plant engineers and facility managers. The magazine highlights innovative new products for plant engineering, from motors and drives to software and sensors. 

With rising energy costs and environmental concerns, Plant Engineering emphasizes efficiency, energy management, and sustainability. The magazine covers strategies like optimizing building controls, upgrading to LED lighting, and using renewable energy sources like solar and wind power at industrial facilities.

3. tED Magazine

tED Magazine is the leading digital publication for anyone in the electrical distribution industry. Published twice a month, tED provides subscribers with the latest news and happenings from around the industry.

tED covers topics ranging from new products and technologies to company announcements and key market trends. Each issue also includes economic and market data to help industry professionals stay on top of the business landscape. 

4. Electrical News

As an electrical contractor, staying current with the latest industry news and trends is critical. Electrical News magazine is one of the top resources for keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the electrical field. 

The magazine is published monthly and covers the national electrical industry. It also provides news about relevant companies, products, industry events, and other goings-on that matter to you. Electrical News focuses on news and changes affecting electrical contractors and plant engineers. 

5. IAEI Magazine

IAEI Magazine is a must-read for anyone in the electrical industry. Published quarterly by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, it covers the latest news, safety standards, and emerging technologies you need to know about.

Keeping up with the National Electrical Code is critical as an electrical pro. IAEI Magazine features updates on the NEC adoption in all 50 states so you know exactly what’s required where you work. They also provide information on license renewal and continuing requirements in each state so you never miss a deadline.

6. Electrical Business

Electrical Business is a leading industry publication for electrical professionals across Canada. It provides news and resources to help contractors and engineers stay on top of trends in electrical technology, safety standards, and business practices.

The magazine is published six times a year and covers the latest products, equipment, and solutions for commercial and residential projects. It also reports on alternative energy systems like solar and electric vehicle charging, workplace safety, lighting design, and changes to the Canadian Electrical Code.

7. Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M)

EC&M focuses on the practical side of electrical contracting. As an electrical contractor, you likely spend a lot of time on job sites installing equipment and wiring buildings. EC&M provides useful information on new products, tools, and equipment that can help make your job easier and more efficient.

They frequently review new power tools, wiring devices, lighting fixtures, and safety gear. If you’re looking to upgrade some of your equipment, EC&M can help you compare options and determine what will suit your needs best. They also guide proper use and maintenance of tools and equipment to help maximize performance and safety.

8. Construction Business Owner (CBO)

Construction Business Owner (CBO) is a must-read for electrical contractors looking to grow their business. This trade magazine focuses on the management and operations side of running a successful contracting firm. Each month, you’ll find advice on key areas like marketing, streamlining your accounting and finances, developing your team, and staying on top of compliance and risk management. 

The magazine covers important topics like insurance requirements, environmental regulations, and legal issues that contractors face. They provide recommendations to help you avoid penalties and unnecessary risk.

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9. Construction Executive

Construction Executive is a leading magazine for electrical contractors and others in the construction industry. In each issue, you’ll find news and insights to help you run your business more efficiently and profitably.

Construction Executive publishes articles on the latest industry trends, innovative projects, safety practices, and management strategies. As an electrical contractor, you can learn new ways to streamline your operations, win more bids, motivate your team, and boost your bottom line. 

 10. Contractor

Contractor magazine is a leading resource for electrical contractors, providing news, business advice, product reviews, and insights into the challenges and opportunities in the field.

Contractor magazine tackles issues directly relevant to running an electrical contracting business. They guide managing finances, hiring and training staff, using the latest tools and software, and adapting to code and safety changes. 

​11. Residential Contractor Magazine

Residential Contractor Magazine is a great resource for keeping up with the latest news and trends in residential construction. As an electrical contractor, you’ll find lots of valuable information in each issue. 

Each month, Residential Contractor provides updates on building codes, new products, and industry best practices so you can stay on the cutting edge. They frequently highlight new energy-efficient technologies, smart home systems, and wiring methods that you can use to improve your business.

12. Modern Contractor Solutions

Modern Contractor Solutions is a must-read for any contractor looking to grow their business. As a commercial contractor yourself, you know how quickly the industry is changing. This magazine keeps you on the cutting edge with the latest equipment, safety practices, and management strategies so you can boost productivity and profits.

New high-tech tools and digital solutions are transforming how contractors operate. Modern Contractor Solutions highlights innovative new equipment like drones and laser scanning for surveying sites. They review construction software and project management platforms that can streamline your workflows. 

13. Building Design+Construction (BD+C)

Building Design+Construction, also known as BD+C, is a leading magazine for electrical contractors and those in the construction industry. Published six times a year, BD+C covers the latest innovations and trends in commercial building.

 BD+C highlights the newest building products, materials, and equipment that are shaping the future of construction. They report on cutting-edge technologies like smart sensors, BIM software, prefabricated components, and sustainable materials. They also provide news and updates on companies in the industry, recent projects, and policy or regulatory changes that could impact contractors.

14. Housecall Pro Blog

To stay on top of trends in the electrical contractor industry, you need to read the top publications. Housecall Pro Blog is one of the best resources out there. They frequently publish helpful articles about field service businesses, including recent News about their app and downloadable templates you can use immediately.

The Housecall Pro Blog features informative articles on managing your business efficiently, finding and keeping great employees, streamlining your operations with technology, and staying safe on the job. The articles are written in an easy-to-read style with many examples and actionable tips from industry experts.

Grow Your Electrical Business With Housecall Pro

While reading trade magazines and publications is important, you’ll also want to utilize electrical business software to streamline operations and gain new clients. While reading trade magazines and publications is important, you’ll also want to utilize electrical business software to streamline operations and gain new clients. Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Housecall Pro to see how much time and money it can save your electrical company. With an all-in-one solution for estimates, invoices, scheduling, and more, Housecall Pro makes it easy to manage your business from anywhere. You’ll gain back hours each week that you can put towards finding new jobs and keeping existing customers happy.

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