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What is a plumbing bid template used for?

A plumbing bid is a rough estimate of how much a plumbing job will cost based on the type of job, the materials needed, and the cost of labor. A plumbing bid can be used for residential or commercial jobs to help your client assess the financial costs of the project. An estimate can either be done using plumbing quote software or through a template, as outlined below.What is a plumbing estimate template used for?

Plumbing bid template example

The follow information should be on your company letterhead: 

  • Company name
  • Mailing and physical address
  • Company phone number and fax number
  • Company email
  • Company website URL
  • Company license number

Here’s the customer information you will need:

  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Customer phone number
  • Customer email
  • Job requested
  • Materials needed and cost
  • Approximate time to complete job
  • Labor cost per hour or job
  • Total approximate cost of the job

At the bottom of the bid, include a space for the dated signatures of both parties and note that this bid is an estimate.

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