Feature Focus: Promoting your online booking

Feature Focus: Promoting your online booking

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Posted by Kindra K.

July 12, 2019

We've talked before about the Four P's of online booking. This weeks Feature Focus is about the 4th P - promotion. Online booking is a great way to gain more business and create customer loyalty, but it’s hard to get online bookings if no one knows that’s an option. Here are some ways you can encourage your customers to book you online.

  1. Put your booking widget EVERYWHERE: You can easily add the booking widget in multiple places on your website. We recommend you add one at the top of your home page, one near your list of services, and next to your contact information.

  2. Link to your online booking: We recommend adding the link to your online booking in all of your emails, postcard marketing campaigns and customer text messages.

  3. Social media: When you schedule your posts on social media make sure you're directing your customers to book your services in in your call to action.

So remember, when promoting online booking - add the the book online button in multiple places on your website, include your online booking link in your emails, postcards and texts, and don’t forget to direct your customers to book you online in your Facebook posts.

Announce to your customer list that you now offer Online Booking using this free template. Customize with your company name and details and email, post on your social media and website. Fill out the form below for a free template.

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