Handyman Receipt Template (Free Download)

Handyman Receipt Template

What a Handyman Receipt Template Is Used For

A handyman receipt template acknowledges money received from a customer by a handyman. A handyman business can perform an array of services from fixing walls to repairing appliances to installing new materials. The receipt is proof that payment was made and accepted. 

Handyman Receipt Example

Here is the basic information found on a handyman receipt template:

  1. Date of payment: month, day, year of transaction

  2. Number: your accounting record number

  3. Received by: your business name

  4. Paid by: customer account name

  5. Amount: amount paid in number format

  6. Total received: amount paid written in words

  7. Payment type: type of payment

  8. Delivered by: the person who made the payment

  9. Accepted by: the person who received the payment

Handyman Receipt Template Download

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Handyman Receipt Template

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