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20 Best HVAC Podcasts for 2021

Podcasts are one of the best ways to stay inspired, keep informed about your trade and learn owner and tech tips about running an HVAC business. We’ve rounded up the top twenty podcasts for HVAC and home service.

Pro Talk Podcast

Great for: HVAC contractors or any home service business owners 

No. of Episodes:14 

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We’re proud to introduce you to our own Pro Talk Podcast, which we started to spotlight the stories and wisdom of our network of small business owners. These are folks just like you that are building their legacies. Host JC talks to pros from different trades about how they got started and what they’ve learned as they’ve grown their businesses. Watch now:

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HVAC School

Great for: HVAC technicians and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 300 

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HVAC School is the most consistently technical of the podcasts on this list, and a must-listen for techs wanting to stay on top of their trade. It covers many less talked about topics, such as commercial refrigeration, ductless systems, combustion basics. They’ll also interview business owners for the other aspects of the job.

HVAC Know It All

Great for: HVAC technicians and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 140

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HVAC Know It All is the brand of Gary McCreadie, a licensed refrigeration and gas technician, which includes the podcast, YouTube channel, and other resources. The podcast offers a healthy mix of technical and professional advice and some terrific tool reviews. 

HVAC 360

Great for: HVAC techs and business owners interested in new construction and commercial projects

No. of Episodes: Over 160

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HVAC 360 takes another approach to the HVAC world for technicians, contractors, and facilities staff interested in the commercial side of buildings. The podcast looks at products and systems, how they work, and where to best apply them. Not every episode may be for you but there are enough that will expand your understanding and allow you to grow in your career.  Host Matt Nelson is a licensed Mechanical Engineer, who enjoys working on the job site and just wants to share what he knows.

Contractor Fight Podcast

Great for: Any home service or contracting business owner

No. of Episodes: Over 270

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Host Tom Reber tells listeners straight off that this podcast is not for the thin-skinned. Tom and his guests do not sugarcoat or allow for excuses when they discuss what business owners need to do to run a successful trades business. Contractor Fight is Tom’s umbrella brand which includes one-on-one coaching services and more.

Contractor Sales Academy

Great for: Any home service business owner

No. of Episodes: Over 60

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Co-founded by Tom Reber, the Contractor Sales Academy teaches sales techniques for the trades. On the podcast, Tom and two fellow contractors offer their stories and advice, which promotes CSA’s trademark “Shin Fu” sales method which they teach in their CSA: The Bridge program.

Home Service Expert

Great for: Any home service business owner

No. of Episodes: Over 120

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Home Service Expert is the home base of Tommy Mello, best known for his book, Home Service Millionaire. Tommy’s podcast focuses on revenue growth with lots of interviews from business coaches and owners that run seven and even eight-digit businesses. Past guests include Michael Gerber, Ken Goodrich, and other well-known industry leaders.

HVAC Uncensored

Great for: HVAC techs and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 70

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HVAC Uncensored plays like an FM morning talk show about running and managing an HVAC business, but with more cussing (that’s the uncensored part). The podcast is produced by two longtime HVAC pros, Gil and Kelley. Co-host Kelley McKay also runs the HVAC Millionaire YouTube channel that’s filled with advice specifically for HVAC businesses.

The HVAC Jerks

Great for: HVAC techs and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 90

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If you like the morning talk show feel, another must-listen is The HVAC Jerks, hosted by three down-to-earth contractors. They discuss a mix of key industry issues, technical topics, and business advice in laid-back chats.

Plumbing & HVAC — Internet Marketing Podcast

Great for: Plumbing and HVAC managers and business owners

No. of Episodes: 93

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Hosted by SEO expert Josh Nelson, Plumbing & HVAC SEO —Internet Marketing is the SEO consulting firm’s newest product featuring marketing tactics for both plumbing and HVAC companies. Their recent episodes feature Coronavirus marketing strategies and messaging tips for Plumbing and HVAC companies.

Cracking the Code

Great for: HVAC managers and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 90

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Cracking the Code is produced by EGIA Contractor University to teach contractors best practices for running a business. The podcast is hosted by HVAC industry sales expert Weldon Long. The Electric and Gas Industry Association serves contractors, as well as manufacturers and other trade professionals. 

Tool Pros Podcast

Great for: HVAC technicians and business owners

No. of Episodes: 100

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The Tool Pros podcast is hosted by two gear aficionados Brent Ridley and Billy Knoth who provide reviews and how-tos about all of the tools of the trade.

The Growth Vault

Great for: HVAC or any home service business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 300

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The Growth Vault, formally known as the Quick Talk Podcast, is hosted by home services expert Joshua Latimer, most known for his marketing automation company Send Jim and his education company Automate Grow Sell, both of which serve home service industries. The goal of the Growth Vault is to help home service businesses grow to become seven-figure companies.

HVAC Masters of the Hustle

Great for: HVAC business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 50

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On HVAC Masters of the Hustle, host Jason Walker interviews some of the top-performing HVAC entrepreneurs on their success stories and tricks of trade. The podcast is deigned to help people in the HVAC industry to get to the next level. On the podcast, you will learn from heavy hitters in the industry who will talk about their failures to keys to their successes. The podcast also goes over objection training and how to raise your average ticket.

ControlTalk NOW

Great for: Commercial HVAC business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 270

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ControlTalk NOW looks at HVAC from a different perspective. This podcast is produced by ControlTrends, an online hub around commercial HVAC and industrial controls and hosted by Eric Stromquist and Ken Smyers, two HVAC and building automation distribution specialists. This podcast is useful for HVAC companies that are interested in commercial HVAC systems, including smart and green building standards and systems.

Contracting Coachcast

Great for: HVAC businesses that do new construction and other contracting businesses

No. of Episodes: Over 300

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While the Contracting Coachast targets construction companies, it can be a useful listen for HVAC pros who are looking to do larger projects or expand into general contract work. Learn about project management, construction budgets, and more. Founder and business coach Tony Booth offers coaching and other programs via the Contracting Coach.

The Wealthy Contractor

Great for: HVAC or any home service business owners 

No. of Episodes: Over 100

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The Wealthy Contractor is hosted by business coach and entrepreneur Brian Kaskavalciyan. Brian shares how he developed his own home improvement company into a multi-million dollar national franchise and interviews other home service pros about the various components of a successful business model, giving you the tools and insights to pave your own path to success, wealth and freedom.

HVAC Refer Guy

Great for: HVAC techs and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 50

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Mike Mayberry, also known as The HVAC Refer Guy, slows things down for folks new to the industry or owning a business. In his earlier episode, he walks listeners through how he got started. He has since branched out into interviews with techs, service managers, and owners, and he throws in the random episode on the history of different ghost towns. Mike’s podcast is a relaxing talk with the “tech next door.” Also check out his YouTube channel.

Building HVAC Science

Great for: HVAC techs and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 40

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Building HVAC Science is geeky fun for techs wanting to dive into the science behind HVACR. Hosted by HVAC measurement and building performance expert Bill Spohn, the podcast provides useful tips for techs on topics such as air quality, Internet of Things, airflow measurements, and more.

HVAC Shop Talk

Great for: HVAC techs and business owners

No. of Episodes: 100

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YouTube Veteran HVAC technician Zack Psioda is the creator and host of the HVAC Shop Talk podcast. He uses what he’s learned from his own company and includes business advice, tech training, and tons of great interviews with other experts. Check out his new YouTube series on building and running a company. 

Stay Connected and Inspired

All of these podcasts are the result of trade professionals working together to share inspiration and resources. At Housecall Pro, in addition to our podcast, we encourage trade networking through our full-day Mastermind conferences and local monthly meetups, both held throughout the country.

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Solutions for your business Whether you need to improve dispatching, reduce paperwork, increase workforce or grow revenue, we have a solution.