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Why partner with us?

If your clients grow their businesses, you grow your business. Housecall Pro enables first year customers to grow their businesses by 30% in the first year! What would that type of growth mean for you? If you’re looking for a long term relationship that brings value to both you and your clients, you’re in the right place.

Align yourself with the leading home service platform


Better help your clients by offering them an all-in-one solution to their business operation goals-- Housecall Pro.


Establish yourself as a trusted authority in the home services space.


Join our community of experts and gain access to our exclusive network of Pros to accelerate your business growth.

FAQ's about our partner programs

Housecall Pro Referral Partners are businesses who are seeking to add more value to their clients by referring Housecall Pro. All Referral Partners see the value Housecall Pro can add to their clients' businesses and understand that in order for them to grow, they first must help their clients grow.

As a Housecall Pro Referral Partner, you’ll get:

  • Uncapped cash commission for each referral (up to $500 depending on size of referred company)

  • Customized Housecall Pro landing page with your branding where your clients will be able to request a personalized demo of Housecall Pro

  • Ability to offer your clients an exclusive discount of Housecall Pro when they purchase our software through you

Some examples of Referral Parters are:

  • Marketing agencies

  • Accounting firms

  • Business coaches

  • Social media influencers

  • Community influencers

  • Trade schools

  • Suppliers

As a Housecall Pro Referral Partner, you must:

Be a reputable business and care about your clients!

Choose a path with the button on the top of this page!

Next, you'll complete 3 simple steps:

  1. Schedule a call with our a member of our partnerships team to learn about the program

  2. Sign a short contract that ensures Housecall Pro will pay you for each of your referrals

  3. Send over your logo so we can build you your customized landing page

And that's it, you'll be up and running and ready to refer in no time!

Email with any questions.

The Certified Partner Success Program is an ecosystem of experts with deep industry knowledge, subject matter expertise, and extensive training on our platform. All Certified Partners specialize in working with home service professionals across all industries, helping Pros grow their business by providing high-quality services. Our partners empower Pros through exclusive resources, industry related opportunities for learning, and exposure to our network of other trusted home service professionals.

As a Housecall Pro Certified Partner, you’ll get:

  • Opportunities to become a leader in the Housecall Pro Community through

    • Networking with Pros at Masterminds and Pro Meetups

    • Mentions of your expertise in our social channels

    • Whiteboard Wednesday guest appearances

    • Industry related content creation

  • HCP Certified Partner branding you can use to build trust:

    • The Housecall Pro Certified Partner Badge

    • Certified Partner Guide to Pro Success

    • Eligibility to  be listed in the HCP Partner Directory

As a HCP Certified Partner, you’ll be:

  • A pillar in the Housecall Pro community that has demonstrated  a comprehensive understanding of the Housecall Pro platform and a desire to continue learning

  • A motivated resource in the Housecall Pro Community— someone who helps other Pros improve the way they run their business

  • A member of an exclusive group that is trusted by Housecall Pro users

  • A Partner that provides a layer of value-added services to Pros by  helping them to be successful in, including but not limited to, the following categories :

    • QBO Integration, Business Coaching and Virtual Office Services

  • A Partner that is committed to Housecall Pro for their clients’ software needs, and helping us grow our community

Getting New Clients:

Our most successful partners have grown their business by being an active member in our Facebook community

  • Attending Pro Meetups

  • Active member in our facebook community groups

  • Becoming a Referral Partner

As a Housecall Pro Certified Partner, you must:

  • Sign and adhere to the HCP Certified Partner Code of Ethics

  • Be a brand ambassador for Housecall Pro and remain active in the community

  • Deliver top-quality work on time to Pros

  • Maintain open and honest communication with Pros

  • Provide all Pros with a high value and positive experience

  • Attend at least one Mastermind event per  year

  • Bring new Pros to the platform or upgrade/upsell current Pros

  • Provide one Pro testimonial

    • All partners are required to provide one of the following each year:

      • Refer a minimum of four Pros

      • Four client plan upgrades or upsells

      • Provide 12 pieces of relevant content (3 per quarter)

  • Submit a monthly audit of all HCP users you work with and the service that was provided. All Pros that you service will be sent a survey to measure the quality of your work and service.

  • Maintain open and honest communication with your Partner Success Manager (PSM), informing them when challenges arise, such as missing a scheduled call without rescheduling or is unresponsive to your requests

If you are unable to meet the above requirements, Housecall Pro may contact you to determine your continued eligibility as a Certified Partner.

Each Certified Partner speciality has its own eligibility requirements, however each applicant must:

  • Create a HCP test account

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the HCP platform

  • Have proven experience working with home service professionals

  • Pass online certification with a 90% or better

Housecall Pro Essentials Partner

HCP Essential Partners focus on activation and optimization of Pro accounts, helping them transition into fully utilizing all Housecall Pro  features to their benefit. To become a Certified HCP Essentials Partner, you must have successfully worked with at least three home service professionals who can provide a recommendation.

Quickbooks Online Partner

HCP Quickbooks Online Partners provide support and training with our QBO integration, as well as help manage or teach Pros how to properly conduct their business finances. All QBO Partners are required to be a QBO Platinum or Elite ProAdvisor, Bookkeeper, Accountant or CPA. To become a Certified QBO Partner, you must have successfully worked with at least three home service professionals who can provide a recommendation.

Business Coach Partner

HCP Business Coaches partner with Pros in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. All Certified Business Coaches are required to hold a coaching certification from a reputable institution or provide proven evidence of your coaching expertise. You must have successfully worked with at least three home service professionals who can provide a professional recommendation.

If you do not currently meet the requirement of having worked with a minimum of three home service professionals, then as an initiation into the program, we will commit to providing you with a maximum of five potential leads to work with in order to meet the requirement.

The Approval Process

Complete interest form


. You must fill out the form completely for it to be reviewed. After you submit the form, the Certified Partner Program team will review your submission. If your application is approved, we'll inform you of which Partner categories you've been approved for, and send the online certification. If your application isn't approved, then we'll let you know of the additional steps required to have your application assessed again.