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How to Get HVAC Leads: Strategies to Grow Your HVAC Business

How to Get HVAC Leads: Strategies to Grow Your HVAC Business

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Posted by Kindra K.

March 18, 2019

Everyone needs HVAC services, whether it's to warm up their homes or cool down their refrigerators. Finding customers should be easy, so why does it feel so hard?

Unfortunately, the reality of owning an HVAC business means that

you’ll always need more customers in order to grow

. Sure, you can install an air conditioning unit and service it regularly, but that’s not enough to keep you floating above your bottom line. Maybe when summer hits, you get dozens of phone calls with the need for cold air ASAP but when that rush dies, the crickets start to chirp.

Constant customer acquisition


to be the name of your game. You can’t wait around patiently for people to pick up the phone and give you a dial; you need to take action. Even if you’ve been in the HVAC business servicing your local area for decades, in the famous words, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”.

Finding new customers can be tricky, but it’s all about

strategizing new ways to land hot leads to increase your revenue

. We’ll give you the rundown on our best tips and tricks to boost your business by generating leads that convert to customers.

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Best Ways to Get HVAC Leads

There are plenty of strategies you can use to increase the number of HVAC leads you receive. Check out our top seven tactics and get ready to start answering a lot of phone calls.

Best ways to get HVAC leads

Boost your online presence

It’s no secret that the digital age has made us pretty dependent on the internet for finding information lightning fast. Keep this in mind, when it comes to accessing a larger market of HVAC customer leads.

Building a stronger and more intentional online presence

will benefit both you and your potential customers. Put yourself into their shoes: if you were on the hunt for specific information because you need to schedule service as soon as possible, you would probably do a quick Google search to see who’s available in the area.

Become an online resource

Being an online resource for immediate answers and service solutions will attract HVAC leads and enrich customer experience from the get-go. To make your business stand out, incorporate a blog section on your website and grab

HVAC content marketing

by the horns. Writing informative blog posts about common home HVAC issues and fixes will solve the needs of your readers, draw potential leads to your website, and boost the probability that they will contact your business for a consultation or repair. You’ll establish yourself as an expert in your industry and your clients will be far more trusting of your HVAC brand. Next time they need to get a job done, you’ll be the first one they call.

Build your social media platforms

An online presence is essential for generating HVAC leads, but go one step further by

creating a presence on social media

, too! Younger generations in particular (we’re looking at you, first-time home buyer) use social media platforms to get a feel for companies—whether they know it or not. A lot of it is actually subconscious with endless and mindless scrolling until users come across a post that catches their eye. And that’s why so

many businesses use social media platforms


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

to share digestible content such as photos, statistics, and industry news with potential clients.

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Create profiles for free in just minutes

Creating social media profiles are usually free of charge, plus you can get access to data that allows you to track who’s visiting your profile and the impact their traffic is having. If you shake your head at social media, think again. Research shows that

50% of business owners

reported that they were able to grow sales through social media marketing. If you’re wondering how to get HVAC leads and aren’t already on social media, you’re not doing it right.

HVAC leads social media infographics

Facebook is home to over 2 billion users, so it’s almost guaranteed that locals in your town and neighboring cities leverage this tool to find people, locate services, and read reviews. We recommend maintaining an active status on Facebook to interact with customers and answer questions. Setting up a free business page on Facebook can be done within minutes and the payoff can be pretty big. With this tool in your toolkit, you’ll be able to use Facebook’s analytical insights, reach your targeted audiences, and capture the desired HVAC lead sources you’re searching for.

Strategize your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO)

is probably a term you’ve heard thrown around in the business world. SEO is an essential piece to drawing in online traffic and nailing down how to get HVAC leads. When people search for information about a heating repair or a local HVAC servicer in their area, you want your site and company name to be one of the first results they see on Google. In order to capture one of those coveted top spots, you’ll need to

optimize your website to strengthen your online authority

. This means incorporating relevant keywords pertaining to your services, location, and various HVAC solutions.

Some keywords related to your business that you might want to target include:

  • “HVAC near me”

  • “A/C repair”

  • “How to fix thermostat”

If you’re not sure which keywords to go after, there are plenty of free, online tools that can help you. Optimized content copy shows higher up in those search results, gives you greater visibility and draws more potential HVAC leads to your website.

Run paid advertisements

Adding paid advertisements to your

HVAC content marketing strategy

is another trick to boost online traffic to generate more leads. Whether you’re a new or a long-established business,

running online ads is one of the best ways to get HVAC leads

. Paid ads grab users attention quickly and give you the exposure and traffic needed to boost your business. Google and Facebook both offer paid search and paid social services that will ultimately maximize your business visibility and increase overall leads and sales.

Build your online review portfolio

There’s no doubt that many small businesses have love/hate relationships with online reviews. However, building a portfolio of glowing, happy testimonials can create a ton of HVAC leads. Ultimately, customers want a professional they know they can trust in their home who can get the job done quickly and without errors. Feedback from happy customers is your ticket to convincing them you’re the one who’s right for the job.

How to improve your online reviews and get more jobs for your HVAC business? Housecall Pro has a solution.

Make sure you ask for reviews

After servicing a client, ask them if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp (these three sites are some of the most frequented for business reviews). The more positive reviews, the better. But hey, you can’t please everyone. If you don’t get a 5-Star rating, it’s not the end of the world. You just have to learn how to

respond to negative reviews

to retain those leads.

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Offer referral incentivization

In addition to asking clients to leave reviews, you could also ask them to refer a friend. Referrals are one of the easiest methods of gaining new HVAC leads! People tend to trust their friends and family when it comes to business recommendations, so when you service one home, you could gain a whole community of loyal customers through word of mouth. Creating an incentivized program encourages clients to spread your company brand name. You can extend your network by

offering discounted service rates

to those who successfully refer a family member or friend. It’s a win-win for all parties.

Outsource the heavy lifting

Strategizing how to get HVAC leads and pinning down reliable HVAC lead sources takes a lot of planning, organizing, writing, and financing. If you and your small business would rather leave it in the hands of experts to boost your visibility and smooth out those painstaking kinks,

outsourcing to a marketing team

is an easy fix. Search for marketing companies online that specialize in your industry and look for successful case studies of businesses they’ve helped grow. You might have to pay anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars, but you’ll be able to work with a team of experts who can make your marketing vision a reality.

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to kick back and let the marketers do their thing while you take care of the rest of your business. Smart marketing companies might suggest utilizing

HVAC software

to better organize your business. From online booking to follow up email marketing, this specialized software presents a number of simplified advantages.

Housecall Pro

is the all-in-one software to run your HVAC business. From online booking, custom text, schedule & dispatch, invoicing, payment processing to follow up marketing, this service can help you grow revenue by 30% in your 1st year.

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Create and plan for realistic goals

Running an HVAC business requires plenty of hard work, planning, and problem-solving. Running a


HVAC business takes all of the same attention, but with a keener sense of target goals and a thorough understanding of your company’s position within the market

Before tackling how to get HVAC leads, you should have a firm grasp on what your business is capable of and what your financial goals are. Consider the following:

  • How many service calls will be needed to fulfill revenue goals?

  • How many technicians will you employ?

  • How many installers will you employ?

  • How many salespeople will you employ?

  • What adjustments must be made for the holiday season?

  • Which months are your busiest? Which are your slowest?

  • If at all, how will you modify your service price list?

Planning with these questions in mind will give you a sharpened understanding of your labor requirements and expectations—making future planning less abstract and more rooted in bottom line costs. Once you have a sure grip on labor as well as your company blueprint expectations and expenses, you can launch your plan of action.

The HVAC market is full of hungry entrepreneurs like yourself, but in order to nab new HVAC leads, research will go a long way when figuring out how to grow your HVAC business. Customers who have exceptional experiences with you, your technicians, or your company are far more likely to dial you up again the next time they're in need. Giving them a reason to believe in your company and have faith in your services is a marketing strategy within itself. A company that looks, feels, and performs as well as it promises is already on a clear pathway to success.

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