Roundtable Discussion: Dealing With Customers and Using PR Opportunities | Coronavirus Update April 10

Roundtable Discussion: Dealing With Customers and Using PR Opportunities | Coronavirus Update April 10

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Posted by Ian H., President

April 13, 2020

Service companies are the backbone of the economy and Housecall Pro is committed to doing everything we can to help during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

I hope you find the resources below helpful. Please share this email with other home services companies. 


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April 10, 2020 quick update

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Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard

is reporting that globally, cases have reached almost 1.7 million and sadly, deaths have surpassed 100,000 as of Friday April 10.

Here in the US we are nearing a half a million (491,358) cases and have recorded over 18,000 deaths (18,316 deaths), almost 6,000 of which (5,820) are in New York City alone. Recoveries continue to increase of course as well and today we celebrate over 27,000 (27,612) recoveries in America.


US states are identifying creative solutions to obtaining the supplies and equipment necessary as many have struggled to get what they need from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS). Some states are now reportedly forming regional coalitions and partnering with neighboring states to share resources and “create greater purchasing power.” Additionally, we’re seeing that local companies, universities, and even correctional institutions are producing equipment to support their state’s response.

US Response


An article published by Vox

reviews several forecasts of how the process of relaxing social distancing might be implemented in the United States. They looked at proposals published by several US groups and identified what they had in common. All of them included a continued period of intense social distancing to “flatten the curve” before slowly relaxing these measures and resuming some activities. Regardless of the plan, the result is likely to be anything but an immediate return to normal. 



President Trump in fact plans to

appoint a council

to advise him on just this issue - on how best to reopen America after much of the nation went dark to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Trump said today that he plans to announce on Tuesday who he has named to lead this effort.

The president also said he lamented that new predictions call for about

60,000 deaths from the pandemic

but he said that outcome was preferable to the higher projections, which ranged from 100,000 deaths into the prospect that millions could be killed. 

The President and public health authorities continue to urge us all to to stay home where possible, keep away from large groups and take all available precautions to slow the spread of the virus. Our efforts are indeed having a positive impact.

April 10 Topic: Roundtable discussion with Elena Ledoux & Brandon Vaughn

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Special Guest: Brandon Vaughn, Owner, All-Clean Softwash & Business Coach at Conquer, Gresham, Oregon

Special Guest: Elena Ledoux, Owner, Superb Maids, Las Vegas, Nevada

Roundtable Discussion

  • Who is Elena Ledoux?

    • She is the owner of Superb Maids, built a $1M+ maid service business in 2 short years, bought her own office building and employed more than 40 people. She has won the SBA's 2019 Small Business Person of the Year and the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the National Association of Women Business Owners.

    • Born and raised in the Soviet Union, came to the US for law school and then practiced for 11 years

  • How has she pivoted her business during this time?

    • Offering grocery delivery service for her customers 

    • High touch point sanitation for surfaces in homes and highlighted this to existing and new customers

    • Change your mentality to how can I serve my community?

    • Building goodwill is very important and can be so impactful going forward too

  • How do you start to build strategic partnerships?

    • Covid-19 communities on Facebook for your city and see what is worrying your community and figure out how to get those resources to them or how you can be resourceful to help

  • How do you position yourself to media and pr opportunities?

    • Amatuer way- write a small pitch, or press release and introduce your company. What sets you apart from the competition, any awards that you have won how many customers you have? Then address whatever topic you are trying to pitch such as proper sanitation or how to use chemicals. Then provide your cell phone number and easy contact information. Should be no longer than a paragraph. 

      • Reach out to local news outlets, newspapers, and even national publications with this approach

    • Professional way- hire PR agents, but if you go this route get really good referrals from somebody who has used them and were very happy. Develop relationships early.

    • HARO “Help a Reporter Out”

      this is a feed of questions that you can answer for journalists looking for  quotes or particular stories and you can pitch yourself to them. Building credibility here helps.   

  • What strategies have you used to make rational rather than emotional decisions? 

    • It’s difficult right now because we don’t have or know all of the facts

    • You have to tune out your fears and look at the humanitarian and realistic side of the decisions you are making

    • Identify your top 4 or 5  values and rank them as to what is most important to you and use them as a decision making framework as well to ensure you are aligned with the decision you make with your values (values-based leadership framework) 


(Watch this section on YouTube



  • Do you consider yourself a high-end cleaning company? Are you doing any sort of deals or promotions for customers who you do not feel are in desperate need?

    • We do consider ourselves as high-end, clients have to be nice and have money

    • If someone is not a current client but is experiencing a serious hardship than we help them for free but that’s because of our wealthier clientele paying

    • We empower our employees to be able to fire customers with authority for any reason. This really helps with ensuring you have a great clientele.  

  • How do you deal with firing customers? What if they leave a bad review?

    • I just deal with the risk of a bad review and you have to have your principles and stand up for them 

    • I’m very nice when I call the client about it. Unless they’re racist or sexist I will just say, I’m so sorry. We depend on our people and if our people feel uncomfortable working with you we can’t. 

  • How are you pricing your disinfection services?

    • For the fogging we price it at 5 cents a square foot with a $99 minimum

  • What is the best way to target high-end customers?

    • Go back to your values and tell customers the three things you and your business stand for and make sure your branding, how you present yourself, and behave is in line with these values. Think about what they need and build your business around those needs.

    • How are wealthy customers used to being sold products or services and at what level of customer service? Get into the mindset of the high-end value because you may not have the same mindset of them.

    • Be open and transparent with your pricing, your presentation, and your value.

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