Housecall Pro + Mailchimp

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ready. aim. email.

Email all of your customers at one time.

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Limitless sync

Send your entire customer list to Mailchimp so you can send out email blasts, create beautiful templates, and much more.

Get instant emails and stay organized

Need to send a quick customer update? Save time by sending basic emails right from Housecall Pro. Want something fancier? Head over to Mailchimp for powerful email creation tools. Sync your tags and customer lists from Housecall Pro to Mailchimp so you can send emails to the right groups.

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Client Management Feature

How it works

  • Make sure you’re on a Housecall Pro Essentials plan (or above) 
  • Sign up for a Mailchimp account
  • Set up the Housecall Pro integration and start emailing

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