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Name That Payroll Provider

Name That Payroll Provider

Name That Payroll Provider

Posted by Juliette Riddle

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What’s the Best Payroll Provider For Your Growing Small Business? 

The Top Payroll Providers for Small Businesses in the Home Services Industry

It’s estimated that 41% of American small businesses use payroll service providers. Companies like Automated Data Processing (ADP), Gusto and Quickbooks are some of the largest business outsourcing services in the world. Home services business owners have numerous options at their fingertips. From outsourcing to a third-party service to user-friendly payroll software, the options are endless. It may take a little searching, but it's best to find a payroll service that fits your business needs now, and as it continues to grow. 

What is a Payroll Provider Service?

A payroll management company specializes in all aspects of the payroll process including computing employees’ gross pay, printing payroll checks (non-direct deposit), preparing payroll reports for upper management, and Preparing payroll tax returns (W-2 And 1099).

When utilizing a payroll provider, the company will take responsibility for paying payroll taxes on employee wages. This means that they do the heavy lifting, taking the stress out of using accounting tools such as Quickbooks, and potential legal issues. This keeps the IRS and other government authorities at bay. 


Katie Scarlett Edwards: Hourly employees are the ones most likely to sue under labor laws. You didn’t do overtime right, pay for appropriate travel... You name it.

Katie Scarlett Edwards: Benefitmall which is similar to ADP. I don’t know how many employees you have, but we have over 20 and have been in business for 15 years. Use a third-party company that will protect you against lawsuits. Don’t do it yourself, or have your accountant do it. Not worth the risk ever.

How Much Does Hiring a Payroll Provider Cost? 

Costs for a payroll service provider can vary based on the number of employees at a company, pay periods per month, and the level of additional services required. For example, taking over human resources tasks such as administering a company’s retirement and benefits programs may cost a bit more, but it takes the responsibility off of the shoulders of business owners and human resources departments, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. On average, services can range from $20-100 per month. 

As your employee base grows, so do the fees for using a payroll service provider. However, when considering the time that it takes to collect, organize, and process information, in addition to maintaining the payroll for a scaling company, it helps with building financial stability. 

Daniel Beattie: Gusto. 

JJ GP: Daniel Beattie How do you like it? 

Daniel Beattie: Yes, I do, it does a lot more for us than just payroll. 

We have the onboarding set up, so before anybody starts, they have done all of the paperwork that is needed. We utilize some of their partners as well. Most of them are Google Partners, so it makes all the paperwork sink straight through into our accounting system.

Changing Payroll Providers

You can change payroll providers at almost any time of the year. However, one Best practice is to wait until the beginning of Your business's fiscal year. Time should be allocated for the transition: collecting employee information, as well as, organizing and providing past payroll records to the new management company. 

Final Thoughts 

When picking a new payroll service provider, there are many factors to consider. As discussed, ensure that the provider fits your business needs. It may take some time to find the right fit, but here are a few recommendations from other pros to help you get started. Happy hunting!  

Ricardo Funk: ADP

Bart Liriano-Chavez: We tried ADP twice. They messed up my payroll every single time they did it. Stay away from them. 

Ricardo Funk: Bart Liriano-Chavez We love them. We’ve been using them for a bit more than a year. Works great for us. 

Isela Espana Ricardo Funk Me too! 
Ruslan Kyusniyarov: Quickbooks Online

Jj GP: Ruslan Kyusniyarov How do ya like it? 

Nicole Spirko Mosley: Jj GP I also us QBO and I love their full-service payroll! They’ve always been super courteous and helpful with any of my questions. I will say I have nothing to compare to it because I’ve only ever used them.

Bart Liriano-Chavez: We’ve tried QuickBooks, ADO, and Paylocity. There’s definitely not better service than Paylocity. It’s a little expensive, but it’s great. We have 80 employees. Paylocity has great customer service!!

Julie Pelton: Bart Liriano-Chavez I agree, I’m 100% satisfied with Paylocity. If I ever have a question for anything, someone is always available to help. We contemplated switching to ADP early on, and I’m so glad we didn't. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories.

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