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What Is Google Local Services For Plumbers

What Is Google Local Services For Plumbers

What Is Google Local Services For Plumbers

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

Housecall Pro

Uploaded 28 days ago

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What Is Google local Services For Plumbers? 

Although Google Local Services, formerly Google Home Services, has been around for several years, many plumbing companies still have not taken the leap and become Google Guaranteed. Is it worth it and how can it help your plumbing company? 

What Does It Mean To Be Google Guaranteed?

Google Local Services is a pay per lead ad product from Google, but it requires an in-depth process to become “guaranteed.” Companies must go through background checks and submit license and company information for all employees working in the field. 

Customers are able to contact companies and have their services backed by Google for up to $2,000. It creates another layer of trust and assurance between customers and contractors. Local Service ads are also placed above Google Ads and organic listings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s) giving them prime click real estate. 

How Does Google Local Services For Plumbers Work, And Is It Worth It?

Once approved, plumbing contractors receive the Google Guaranteed badge and their ads are rotated with other guaranteed companies. When customers search for common plumbing terms and services, the Google Local Service Ads will show. Currently, three companies are shown on the top of the SERP’s, but customers can click on show more to find a full list of guaranteed plumbers in their area to see reviews, company information and find the phone number.  

Customers are able to call or message the company, and lead costs range depending on the industry and location, but typically fall between $23 and $25 per lead. Each company also has a dedicated Google Local Service representative to help with questions about performance, budget, and who will walk you through the process.

Elizabeth Kuerth: You pay per lead, which can be a phone call or message. All the calls are recorded and available in your dashboard. I believe it depends on your area, but we’ve been seeing $25 per lead. You see a weekly budget that you won’t go over through and can turn your ad off anytime. You choose which services you want your ad to show up for. Hope this helps. 

Kristina Adam: Elizabeth Kuerth Do you have the link for signing up? Or is searching for it really easy? 

Elizabeth Kuerth: Kristina Adam If you already have your Google Guaranteed Badge, then you should be able to just get your profile updated and hit the switch to turn it on. It's the same login as your Google account. Just search for “Google Local Services” and follow the link.

Companies do pay for all valid leads, including questions about pricing or the business, whether they become booked services or not. However, companies must manually mark calls as booked or declined within the Google dashboard, which will help booking rates. 

Ads are rotated based on booking rate, *budget, and number of reviews and star rating. *There are conflicting accounts of whether budget is used as a ranking factor; Google says no, but higher budgets may equate to more calls, which could mean better booking rates, which is a factor. 

Contractors can manually dispute leads if they are sales calls, duplicate calls, or calls for the wrong company and Google will refund those lead costs. 

The consensus among Housecall Pro members is that Google Local Services is worth the cost and time investment. 

Melissa Clark: I would say we are about 50/50 with good leads. Some people are price shopping or asking random dumb questions...it’s $25 a lead, so when you get those bad ones, it stinks!

Charge you if the persona calls you and talks to our office. All calls are recorded too. I will say we are top-rated in various cities around us, science being Google Guaranteed, business has picked up too! I also like that we have it set for the ad to run only during business hours. 

Cassie Pound: It’s worth every penny. We set our budget to $4,000 a week. We’ve never paid it and I’ve heard it’s not gauded by $$ budget, but I go with it just in case. Lol! 

Cassie Pound: Also, make sure you have someone going to the website after every call and updating the call, name, email, etc. Out Google rep said it’s important for them to see you're in there and still active.

Final Thoughts

For newer or smaller companies with limited marketing budgets, Google Local Services can be a game changer. Companies are able to control budget, what type of ads show for different services and time of day they can be seen, and turn them on or off at any time. Lead cost is lower than traditional Google Ads and it is easy to manage in house if you do not have a full marketing agency or staff. 

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