Electrical Invoicing Tips: How to Create an Electrical Invoice
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Electrical Invoicing: How to Create an Electrical Invoice + Free Template

Electrical Invoicing Tips

In any business, getting paid is absolutely critical. When services have been rendered, there should be little time wasted between the completion of those services and the issuing of an invoice. An efficient solution needs to be implemented.

With the help of Housecall Pro’s free electrician invoice template, everything can become seamless. Get paid on time, stop chasing invoices, and put the necessary focus on growing the business. If you aren’t sure what to expect from electrical invoicing, check out the comprehensive guide below.

What is an Electrical Invoice?

An electrical invoice is, for all intents and purposes, a bill. When electrical services have been rendered, the invoice outlines all of the work done, the cost for each service, and the total due. The customer is then required to pay the full amount by the designated date.

Electrical invoices can be as simple or complex as needed. Electrical invoices include basic things like the company name, invoice number, client name/details, and basic contact information. It can also include more detailed information like materials used, labor hours, a breakdown of services provided, and more.

Why is an Electrical Invoice Important?

Though the question may seem redundant, getting paid in a timely manner is essential for a business of any kind. Though that is the focus of invoicing, there are actually other reasons why having the right system in place can pay dividends.

Creating Quotes and Estimates

Yes, invoicing is typically about getting paid for services rendered, but there is more to it. In fact, the right invoicing template or software can be used for providing quotes and estimates as well. These are critical as some customers prefer to take the time to plan out and compare quotes from other businesses.

Itemized quotes are needed to illustrate to the customer specifically the work needed and what it should cost. Estimates are just that, but they at least provide the customer with a sense of consistency throughout the job and prevent “sticker shock” from seeing the final bill.

Get Paid for Services

As a business, you provide services to the customer. Getting paid for those services kind of goes without saying. Without an effective means of invoicing, however, getting paid for those services becomes a lot more difficult than it should be.

With the proper invoice template, it is possible to create an effective, accurate, consistent invoice each time. The results will lead to faster payments, less of a need to track down customers, and fewer issues relating to cash flow.

Tax Control

Though the short-term focus is on getting paid, having the proper invoicing can prove beneficial in the long term as well. Invoicing software will help you keep track of taxes for the business, including estimates on things like quarterly payments.

As a business, keeping up with tax reporting may be the most important obligation there is. Failing to report and pay taxes can lead to penalties and fines, and have a negative impact on cash flow. Having the right software for invoicing will keep track of all of that.

What Details Should an Electrical Invoice Include?

Whether using a template or not, it helps to know what to include in an electrical invoice. Though each company can differ on the small details, there are a few basics that should be included in every invoice.

  • Business information
  • Customer information
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Terms of payment
  • Itemized list of services rendered
  • Subtotal
  • Taxes and fees
  • Total amount due

What is provided by Housecall Pro’s electrician invoice template:

  • Built-in formulas that calculate totals for you.
  • Printable reports that can be sent to customers or used for company records.
  • Quick, easy customization that allows customer information to be personalized or unique company branding to be added.
  • Thorough, simple step-by-step instructions to allow for a complete understanding of the electrical invoice template.

How to Quickly Create an Electrical Invoice

When running a business, daily tasks that can be automated and streamlined must be handled appropriately. Implementing those tasks, either through a template or the proper software, will free up manpower and ensure far more accurate and consistent transactions.

Download a Customizable Electrical Invoice Template

Not every business owner feels comfortable using the latest technological business advances. That said, even something as simple as a downloadable invoice template can wind up making a big difference. The template creates the foundation on which dependable invoices can rest.

Housecall Pro offers a quick and easily customizable electrical invoice template. It can be implemented in no time and used as a basis for future invoices. At the very least, it will create a reliable means for billing customers going forward.

Electrical Invoice Software

Another effective tool is electrical invoice software. During the running of any business, there are a slew of daily tasks that can be automated. Not only does this free up time, but it ensures that there are fewer errors as well.

Electrical invoice software allows for customizable invoices as well. Even better, if there are changes to the invoicing process, they can be implemented quickly and efficiently. All of which creates a smoother billing and payment system that allows customers to make payments without the hassle and wasted time.

What is Included in Housecall Pro’s Free Electrician Invoice Template?

Now that you know that Housecall Pro can assist, it helps to know what comes in the free electrician invoice template. It is critical to provide fast, accurate invoices to keep the business moving forward efficiently. Here’s what you can expect:

Step-by-Step Instructions

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be technically savvy. With step-by-step instructions, you can quickly walk through the entire template to provide a better, deeper understanding of how to use and create an invoice. Even those who aren’t tech savvy will come intimately know the process. Know the ins and outs of the template and become the invoice master.


While it is quick and easy to send electronic invoices to customers, there needs to be an option for a hard copy. Customers like to have them for their own filing purposes, plus having a printable report can be ideal for company records as well. Because invoices are searchable through various criteria, it takes no more than a moment to find and print off an invoice.


Just because it is a template does not mean that you have to adhere to already implemented fields and standards. The beautiful thing about Housecall Pro’s template is that it can be tweaked and customized to fit your needs. There are even built-in formulas to help save time when calculating totals. Everything is right there to help create an invoicing format that you feel comfortable with without it feeling like something taken from another source.

Utilize Electrical Contractor Software

The fastest way to ensure that the correct invoices are going out is to have electrical contractor software. Using the right platform, invoices can go out seamlessly, ensuring faster payment, fewer inconsistencies, and minimal frustration.

Greater Accuracy

Even one stray piece of information can cause chaos when it comes to billing. Using electrical contractor software means being able to virtually eliminate those human errors that can cause so much trouble. Built-in functions allow for easily accessible, accurate customer data at all times.

Optimized Resources

In the days of manual invoices, a great deal of manpower would be required. Thankfully, electrical contractor software has made things far faster and more efficient. Now, employees can turn their time and attention to other matters of importance, helping the business work effectively from top to bottom.

Easily Accessible

Though there are plenty of other reasons to invest in electrical contractor software, accessibility and availability may be at the top of the list. In this day and age, having access to data on the go is critical. With the ability to access invoices, billing data, and job information from any mobile device, your business and technicians can remain connected 24/7.

Improved Customer Service

Even if the work is top-notch, having exceptional customer service is infinitely beneficial to a business. With the right software, it is possible for customers to ask questions about invoices and communicate effectively. Even better, staff will have the tools needed to ensure that they can provide a reliable, correct answer each time.

Simplified Invoice Payment and Tracking

While invoices can seem fairly straightforward, it is all too easy to complicate the matter. Using an invoicing system, payment reminders can be sent out on past-due invoices, scheduling can be implemented for regular clients, and so much more.

Best of all, it is possible to track the progress of each invoice because they have individual invoice numbers. Call up past invoices as a reference, check in on invoices that have yet to be paid, or send over a copy when a customer has lost theirs. The ability to track past invoices will be invaluable before long.

What Features Are Included in Housecall Pro’s Electrician Business Software?

In order to streamline the process and keep business moving, the right electrician business software is a must. Thankfully, Housecall Pro’s electrical contractor CRM has everything you could possibly need to get started.


While it is important to get paid, scheduling is just as critical. Thanks to our software, scheduling could not be easier. Color code items to make it quick and easy to locate jobs. Drag and drop to make assignments on the schedule as well.

Even cooler, the software allows for the fastest and most fuel-efficient routes to be chosen. With real-time live dispatch available, emergency calls can be taken immediately and assigned without missing a beat.

Job Management

Whether it be a small residential job or a large commercial endeavor, keeping things in line is critical. Using our job management software, it is easy to create custom job checklists to ensure that all aspects of the project are completed.

Real-time reporting allows costs, profits, revenue, employee performance, and other metrics to be tracked accurately. Plus, the system allows for customer reviews following the completion of each service for critical feedback and data.

Billing and Invoicing

Chasing down payments and creating invoices from scratch each time is a major drain on resources. Using the right software, estimates can easily be converted into jobs, and used to create reliable, consistent invoices.

Automated reminders will follow up on overdue invoices, credit card payments can be deposited almost instantly, and a variety of payment methods are accepted. Even financing is available, allowing customers of any budget to get the essential services they require.

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Electrical Invoicing Tips

While it certainly helps to have an invoicing app, software, or template to refer to, there are a few basic tips that would go a long way. If you have been struggling to come up with a reliable, consistent electrical invoice, these tips will help you create a more ideal solution.

Never Text or Email Without Asking

Despite the fact that digital communications are not only common but expedient, it might feel like sending texts or emails is a given. That said, customers have their own preferences and the last thing anyone wants to do is get off on the wrong foot.

For that reason, make sure that you have permission to text or email before doing so. When discussing the job with the client, ask whether they would be comfortable receiving text or email appointment reminders and alerts.

Doing so will make the process a lot smoother. It will also ensure that, when the job has been completed, an electrical invoice can be sent without feeling like a surprise to the customer. The little things can become big things if you don’t have the proper approach beforehand.

Email Invoices to the Customer Directly

When it comes time to generate an electrical invoice, the goal is to be paid in a timely manner. Thankfully, there are a litany of tools available that make it simple to not only generate an invoice but get it right into the hands (virtual or literal) of the customer.

By emailing or texting a link to the invoice directly to the customer, a plethora of benefits can be had. For starters, the job can be closed faster, and it saves time having to alter, change, or communicate invoices in another manner.

Most importantly, it provides a bit of a personal touch to the customer. While it might not feel like that big of a deal, even small personal touches can mean a lot to the customer. It can also lead to a repeat customer that will continue to come back when your services are needed.

Make Processing in the Field Easy

The techs out on the job have a lot to worry about. When the job has been completed, they don’t need to spend an inordinate amount of time working up the invoice. Make it as easy as possible so they can close out the job and get on to the next one.

Train techs ahead of time on the same process. Eliminate variances and anything else that could cause confusion during the invoicing process. Make sure that all of the pertinent details are included as well. Explain what should be recorded on every invoice and provide the tools to streamline the process.

Having an electrical invoice template is a great place to start. It will give the technician a head-start on closing out the job and take the hassle out of the situation. Most importantly, it will ensure that invoices are paid in a timely manner, preventing any hiccups in the process.

An Electrical Invoice Template is Your Friend

The best thing that your company can do for its technicians and clerical staff is to have an invoice template. Having a good template will answer the basic and most pertinent questions that a client could have.

It should outline clearly what methods of payment (credit cards, cash, checks, etc.) are accepted. Any deposits or billing terms should be clearly outlined as well. The invoice should show the amount and date due, any potential late fees should the invoice not be paid on time, etc.

Having all of the answers to these questions is crucial because it eliminates room for error. Customers will know clearly what is due, when, what kind of financing may be available, and what work was done through an itemized list. It makes for a far better process for all.

How to Download Housecall Pro’s Free Electrician Invoice Template

It is simple to download the Housecall Pro free electrician invoice template. With this template, you can be prepared to issue fast, efficient, reliable invoices in no time. Best of all, it takes no time whatsoever to download the form from the Housecall Pro site.

Begin by filling out all of the necessary information. Name, company, company size, and industry will all be required. When finished, simply click the “download” button and you are ready to go! With this handy invoice template at your disposal, you will wish that all other aspects of the business could be quite so simple.

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