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Electrician CRM software to streamline your data

Housecall Pro’s CRM software for electrical contractors streamlines work and makes customer management easy. Enjoy lead generation, online booking, and customer tracking from job estimate to payment—all in one platform.

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Electrician CRM software features

From powerful online bookings to secure same day payments, Housecall Pro handles your electrical contracting business for you. With Housecall Pro, you’ll always have the information you need at your fingertips.

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Deliver personalized service with detailed customer and property profiles

Get all the info before you even set foot on a property. You’ll know what the job calls for, and Housecall Pro allows you to effortlessly keep tabs on every piece of equipment at a property. The result? More accurate quotes, fewer return trips for supplies, and a streamlined workflow that wows your customers.

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Get a bird’s-eye view of every lead across their lifecycle

Housecall Pro’s electrician CRM simplifies how your team adds and tracks new leads, jobs, and estimates. You’re in complete control with our lead management board, Pipeline add on.

  • Increase efficiency with customizable intake forms and pre-built request guides.

  • Track every lead and report on conversion performance.

  • Maximize conversion rates with smart automation suggestions based on the latest industry data.

  • Gain insights into job profitability, tech performance, and converted estimates.

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Communicate seamlessly in every customer experience

How many jobs are lost or customers are frustrated due to a lack of good communication? Enough of that! With Housecall Pro, interactions are consistent, professional, and personalized.

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Why electricians love Housecall Pro

Great feedback from my customers

Love the software and get great feedback from my customers.

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On average, Pros increase monthly revenue generated through Housecall Pro by 50% after their first year.

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Electrician CRM software FAQ

What is electrician CRM software?

Electrician CRM software is a digital tool that simplifies everyday workflows for electrical service businesses. It centralizes lead info and helps with preparing job quotes, scheduling visits, dispatching electricians, making invoices, and collecting payments. And it’s all in one place. This software streamlines everything for electrical contractors, leading to more conversions, happier customers, and increased profits.

What features come with my Housecall Pro subscription?

You can expect a comprehensive set of features designed to streamline your business operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

We can’t list them all for the sake of space! But here’s a glimpse at some of the features our platform offers:

  • 24/7 online booking for customers
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling and seamless integration with Google Calendar
  • Real-time dispatching for efficient job coordination
  • Customizable text notifications
  • In-app employee chat
  • Detailed cost tracking to enhance decision-making.
  • Paperless invoicing and estimates that convert easily into jobs
  • Flexible payment options for on-the-spot payments
  • Competitive credit card rates at 2.59%
  • Automatic review collection on Google, Facebook, and your website
  • Support from any device using our mobile app for iOS and
  • Android
  • And many more!
Does Housecall Pro integrate with other business tools?

Absolutely! Housecall Pro’s electrical contractor software is designed to be your business hub. It syncs with a variety of essential tools, including:

  • QuickBooks to ensure smooth financial management
  • CompanyCam to facilitate visual documentation of your work
  • Mailchimp to enhance your email marketing efforts
  • Google Local Service Ads to boost your online visibility
  • Thumbtack to open up opportunities for new leads and projects
What training and support are available with my Housecall Pro plan?

Well, there’s a lot. Switching to a new software can be a little scary! We offer complete training, plenty of simple resources, and ongoing support to make sure you get the most out of our platform. It’s user-friendly and guides you through every feature. Whether you’re switching from existing software and just tired of bouncing between apps or you’re brand new to it all, our support team is here to help you with any questions or concerns. 

Ready to take your electrical contracting business to the next level? Start your free trial with Housecall Pro today and start working smarter!