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The Little Guy’s Heating and Air Conditioning: Building a Legacy of Exceptional Service

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A Family-Owned HVAC Business Driven by Dedication

Melissa Ortiz and her husband, Chris, have been turning up the heat since founding their HVAC business: The Little Guy’s Heating and Air Conditioning. As a trusted provider in the industry, they’re big on delivering exceptional service and crushing the competition with streamlined operations.

A Journey of Legacy and Learning

It all started with one man’s passion for the heating and cooling industry. Chris had a dream of building his own business with over 20 years of hard-earned experience under his belt. And in 2019, he and his wife Melissa took the plunge and founded The Little Guy’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Melissa shares, “We have the intention of making it our legacy. Our children are still very young, and while they enjoy pretending to be a part of the business, the decision to take over in the future will be theirs to make.”

Their jump into small business ownership came with lots of lessons for the savvy duo. This included learning to account for peak and slow seasons while providing fair pricing. Like Melissa says: “Our prices have to be set so that we are actually making a profit on our jobs. We learned that there are bills and taxes to pay even during our slow season.”

Get a Family-Like Experience with Little Guy’s HVAC

At Little Guy’s Heating and Air Conditioning, you won’t just feel like another customer; you’ll be treated like family. Melissa’s favorite part of running the business is the strong relationships they have formed with both their staff and customers. She says, “We care about our staff’s family, and we really care about our customers. We have been able to create really special bonds with some of our customers that have made them feel like family.”

Leading by example, Melissa and Chris strive to create an open and supportive environment for their employees. They have implemented incentive programs to show appreciation and set financial goals to motivate their team. Melissa states, “We try to create an open and safe space for our employees to communicate with us if there are any issues. We want them to know they are appreciated.”

Building Customer Trust Using Advanced Software

Being transparent and truthful with customers is a top priority for The Little Guy’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Melissa says, “We are transparent with them about current issues and potential issues if that problem is not fixed.” Open communication with customers plays a vital role in building trust.

Their secret weapon? Housecall Pro. Melissa and Chris have been loyal users since 2020 and enjoy the user-friendly features. HCP Assist has been a lifesaver when they can’t answer the phone, and notification texts and direct communication have streamlined their operations and enhanced customer interactions. Plus, with Housecall Pro’s review request feature, Little Guy’s is attracting new customers like never before.

Little Guy’s delivers on every level, so you can be cool even when it’s scorching outside. Don’t settle for subpar service. Discover the difference with The Little Guy’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

What are your favorite Housecall Pro features?

Currently, my favorite feature is HCP Assist. I work out of my home, I’m a mom to two little kids, and a housewife. When I can’t get to the phone, I know that someone is there to help our customers.

How has Housecall Pro helped champion your success?

I would say the biggest help is review requests. A lot of our customers find us through Google and they see the amount of reviews that we have and call us just based on that. It’s made invoicing very simple for both the office and the techs when they are in the field.

“I love that it sends out notifications texts, we can communicate directly with our customers through the Inbox, and we can import all of our customers into MailChimp.”

Melissa O.
Owner, The Little Guy’s Heating and Air Conditioning

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