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Should I Advertise With Yelp?

Should I Advertise With Yelp?

Should I Advertise With Yelp?

Posted by Jarrod Miller-Dean

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Should I Advertise With Yelp?

If you have claimed your plumbing business on Yelp, chances are you receive multiple solicitation calls persuading you to advertise with them. 

Yelp is somewhat of a challenge, as it is not just a matter of deciding if it is a good strategy for your marketing budget, it is deciding to give any amount of money to Yelp. After all, most of us have at best a love hate relationship with the platform.

Dustin Blout: Don't os it!

Jennifer Byrne: They do get mad. 

Tracy Butcher: No...Awful. It took me a long time to get them to stop calling, but they drove me nuts until I did. 

Jamie Ryan: Ummm....No. That's the short answer. But read no cause there will be a lot of great commentary on this topic. 

Miranda Watson Brush: They are the mafia. They will not let up. They want your money. 

Chris Flores: I'm in the plumbing industry and I'm not sure if it's our location, but we've been using Yelp for the last year and in all, it's the best thing we couldn've ever done for our business. We get leads on daily baize and book 4-5 jobs per year. I'm not using an aggressive budget either. Hust before counting this comment, we close another lead. 

Lidia Diaz: I agree with Chris. The majority of our business is coming from Yelp.

What Are The Benefits Of Advertising With Yelp? 

Yelp advertising does a few things for their advertisers. Namely, they remove competitor ads from your page. This is helpful to you if a customer is researching your company, they are not inundated with other 4 or 5 star contractors. 

Your ads will show at the top of the list in your search area and they have decent reporting for phone calls to your business, so you know whether or not quality leads are coming to you from Yelp. 

If You Advertise With Yelp, Do They Recommend More 5 Star Reviews?

Ryan Jenkins: Use any avenue that brings you the ROI that you desire. Best for ROI is Angie's List and Facebook in my opinion. But I am profitable on every source that I have ever tried. 

Martinez Cesa: No. But it depends on how much you are trying, or can spend on ads. 

Linda Patterson: I signed up at $300 per month and get a ton of reviews and every one of them went to the "not recommended category", every single one, and they were all 5-star, so I canceled them. 

Jeff Rea: Kinda Patterson Same. Got 230 showing and 52 not recommended, and those are real customers that we have helped...

While Yelp denies treating advertisers special and showing more of their 5 star reviews, there are still mixed opinions. In fact, some advertisers have had the opposite happen, they spend money on advertising and even more of their reviews are moved to the non recommended section. 

Regardless of the link between advertising and reviews, it should not be the main factor in deciding on advertising or not.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise on Yelp?

While you can set any budget you like, Yelp charges a monthly fee as part of the cost package. With it, you get phone tracking, the ability to post special offers, and detailed reporting every month. 

Clicks, messages, and phone calls are all part of your budget, and like Google Ads, when you reach your threshold, ads stop rotating. Costs are fairly inexpensive and based on viewership, click, and action taken on the site. 

Final Thoughts

Yelp is just like any other lead source, it may work for some and not for others. It is definitely worth looking into and depending on your available budget, something to test.  Customers use it as a search engine as well as a place to review companies. 

You may also find that even though Yelp is frustrating, it could be a quality lead source. 

Sheri Bradley: I think it depends on your area. We are in San Diego, so Yelp is huge here. 

And as much as I despise their business practices and am always looking for a way out. We're over 350 5-star reviews and 300+ filtered reviews. All of the filtered reviews are actual customers. So, yes, Yelp sucks, but it's a necessary evil in our area.

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