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Get Hired: Companies Hiring the Most Plumbers in 2022

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Looking at job listings across all 50 states, the 13 companies with the most plumbing job listings are:
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Which companies have the most plumbing jobs open? From a study we conducted previously, we looked at job listings across all 50 states, the 13 companies with the most plumbing job listings are:


Interestingly, of the top five companies with the most job listings, only one is exclusively a plumbing company (Roto-Rooter). The others are either property developers/managers (CBRE, JLL, WinnCompanies), hotels (Marriott International), or retail companies (Sears, Roebuck, and Co.). 

This suggests that if you want to get a plumbing job, you shouldn’t limit your search to only plumbing companies. 

Likewise, it suggests that those of you running your own shop may want to look outside the box when searching for new hires; your next great crew member might come to you from a hotel rather than a home service business.

In fact, you may be better off looking outside the plumbing industry proper and instead focusing on companies that utilize plumbers on a consistent basis, such as property development companies. 

Aggregate Review Scores By Company

To give you a general sense of what it’s like working for all of the companies we listed, here is the aggregate review data from Indeed. 

These scores take into account all the reviews left by current and former employees and create five distinct scores, each representing a different aspect of the company. 

Note: There were not enough reviews for Assertive Property Management to calculate a reliable average score.


Based on the scores above, the employer with the highest overall ratings is the Army National Guard, with Marriott International coming in second place. The worst company to work for is Millennia Housing Management, Ltd, and the second worst is Pinnacle Property Management Services. 

Final Thoughts

The data above suggests both good news and bad news. The good news is that across the United States there are a large number of plumbing jobs available, especially if you already know how to use plumbing software. If you’re hoping to be a plumber, now is a good time to start looking for a job. 

The bad news is that working for some of the larger corporations has its downsides, as some of the reviews and scores show. However, the reviews also indicate that many times, a job is simply what you make of it. Some people have wonderful experiences with large companies like Marriott, while others have less than optimal experiences. 

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