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Product updates: March 29, 2023

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Spring is here, and we’re excited to help you jump into action with some exciting product updates rolling out! Ready to give your business the jolt it needs for the new season? We’ve got you covered with updates to Voice Call Flows, Accounting Alpha, Pipeline, and more!

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Coming soon: Create call flows in Voice

It’s time for more control over the call experience. With call flows, avoid missed calls and lost revenue with timeframe and flow logic, including rollover forwarding to an answering service like HCP Assist (so your customers get excellent customer service day and night). Plus, upload multiple audio files (like voicemail and call greetings), and tie phone numbers to call flows routing customers to the right place. Call flows will release Thursday, 3/30, to VoIP & Call Tracking Pros.

Voice + HCP Assist are officially a power duo in helping you provide 5-star customer service to grow your business. Click here if you don’t yet have Voice, and here if you don’t yet have HCP Assist.

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Did someone say free bookkeeping?

Did you hear we’re launching an integrated accounting and bookkeeping solution? Get three months of FREE bookkeeping when participating in our Alpha. With our team of experts backing you, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters most—your business. Sign up below, and we will reach out with more details. But don’t hit snooze on this offer—we only have a limited number of spots!

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Take more control over your Pipeline workflow

You have unique workflows that can’t be captured with a one-size-fits-all approach, so we’re bringing more customization to your Pipeline leads, estimates, statuses, and jobs columns. You can edit any column that doesn’t have a lock icon and add new columns to suit your company’s workflow. This feature will roll out in waves starting Thursday, 3/30.

Don’t yet have Pipeline? You’re missing out! Every day Pros tell us that by using our automations, they’re winning more estimates without lifting a finger. Click here to learn more.

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Ignite recurring revenue with Service Plan Bootcamp

This month we’re launching new updates to Service Plans to keep you busy all year long. Unlock a new suite of reports that include key Service Plan metrics for recurring revenue, collected revenue, and plans sold by employees. Want to see these new metrics grow? Join our Ultimate Service Plan Bootcamp for money-making strategies from leading industry entrepreneurs and the experts at Housecall Pro.

Add a new Service Plan report to one of your existing dashboards! Explore how to customize dashboards here.

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Track materials and calculate job costs for flat rate pricing models

“Now you can track material and miscellaneous costs as job inputs rather than line items (don’t worry, it won’t impact the job price or invoice). Get more accurate material usage and job costing reporting to stay on top of your profitability.

Coming soon: We’re releasing expected vs. actual job costing so you can accurately measure margins and optimize your profits and accurately track labor costs for flat rate services.”

Use the newly released fields for material source, purchase status and vendor with job inputs or line items! Learn more about material inventory detail tracking here

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Have you needed ‘My Money’ support?

If you’ve reached out to our support team with a ‘My Money’ question, please tell us about your experience in this quick 3-minute survey. P.S. We’re giving $30 gift cards to Pros who complete a more in-depth 15-20 minute interview with our team. Interested? Just leave your contact info in the survey.

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Alpha testers needed!

Looking to close more large ticket jobs and optimize your cash flows? We’re releasing an alpha test soon for the new Progress Invoicing feature that will allow you to invoice customers for stages of work.

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Let’s talk how we can make Housecall Pro mobile-friendly

How often do you use Housecall Pro on your mobile device? Wish you had better integration? Tell us about your mobile experience so we can improve it! Connect with one of our Product Designers about how you use your phone in day-to-day operations.

Check out our product roadmap filled with new tools created to best support your success. Click here to start exploring!

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Kat Gonzales Earhart
With over a decade of product and product marketing experience, Kat is passionate about taking to market features and products that make a real impact on people's lives.

Kat Gonzales Earhart

With over a decade of product and product marketing experience, Kat is passionate about taking to market features and products that make a real impact on people's lives.