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HVAC Job Outlook: San Diego and Southern CA’s energy-efficient landscape’s impact

San Diego Southern CA Energy Efficiency

As an HVAC business owner, your main concern is getting quality jobs and growing your business for the long term. 

And if you live in San Diego or southern California there is even better news for you: since southern California has become more energy efficient over the past few years, there’s a higher need for HVAC business owners to manage their energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

So whether you’re an HVAC technician just starting in the industry or a seasoned veteran looking to create a long-term business that runs for generations, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are some ways Southern California’s green landscape may help you book more jobs and grow your business.

HVAC industry statistics

On average, HVAC systems should be replaced every ten years, and many homeowners say that their HVAC units are 10 to 19 years old. In cities where green energy is more of a concern, this places a unique upsell opportunity for you, the HVAC business owner.

Since residents of greener cities are more likely to want to have the best systems that are energy friendly and working as well as possible, you could sell them higher price systems which means more money for you. 

In addition, the HVAC industry is expected to grow 13% by 2028 which means more jobs and more HVAC systems to replace. 

Not enough air conditioning

In California, many homes don’t come with air conditioning. As an HVAC owner, you can provide this service and cool homes at a premium cost. This is another opportunity to look at the seasonal value of air conditioning and offer the service during peak months.

And during the fall and winter, you can offer services like furnace repairs and maintenance. As California is an energy-efficient region, many customers will pay for these services and will be happy to pay a bit more for premium, energy-efficient products. Take care of your customers and set up a recurring service plan so your customers won’t have to worry about out-of-hand errors year ‘round.

The future of HVAC businesses in California

In addition to technology getting smarter, there is also a likelihood that HVAC systems will be smarter as well. Over recent years, more people spend their time indoors which means the need for better indoor air quality is increasing. And with the International Builder’s Show (IBS) coming January 31st-February 2, 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to stay up to date with new HVAC systems and keep innovating with new green solutions. 

If the air quality in a home isn’t at a great standard, the likelihood of productivity decreases. You could use this as a unique selling point for your services, add ons, and upsells. Recurring service plans can help you give the best service you can for customers and prevent expensive emergencies.

California is also experiencing record highs for average temperatures, which means more opportunities for HVAC installations. For new HVAC systems, this creates a new opportunity to have new solutions ready like green HVAC systems that can reduce energy consumption 30-50%.

More HVAC work in San Diego and Southern California 

As homeowners begin to rely on more up-to-date HVAC technology to cool and heat their homes, the need for more HVAC technicians is only expected to grow over the next few years. And with trade academy, we’ll work with you to start your career in the trades and land a high paying job.

A need for an upgrade in technology will mean a need for routine maintenance. In southern California, the need for new green technology will also mean techs need new skills to handle upgraded HVAC systems. 

HVAC education

Whether you’re just getting started in HVAC or are looking to move forward in your career, understanding HVAC education requirements can help you grow your business and get more jobs. 

Overview of requirements

To start, you’ll need to go to school in California before you’re authorized to work. There are many technical HVAC programs to choose from and programs can vary from two to five years. Affordable programs are anywhere from $500, and the most expensive are up to $30,000.

After you choose a program, you’ll want to focus on the two types of  HVAC certifications available. These are the CPA licensing and NATE certifications. 

To learn the HVAC state by state licensing requirements click here.

HVAC salary

HVAC technician salaries vary depending on your professional experience. On average, you can expect to make somewhere between $39,420 to $70,023.

How to get ready for increased jobs in HVAC 

Making sure you have a solid system for acquiring, nurturing, and converting customers is the best way to get ready for the increase in HVAC jobs. 

To start, you’ll want a scheduling software that helps you automate the job booking process by getting alerts for upcoming jobs and making setups for recurring jobs on autopilot so you can earn more money without having to manually add each job to your calendar. 

As an HVAC owner, your goal is consistent income without any dry periods. Get closer to that goal with recurring service plans that can help you upsell to customers while still working out in the field. 

It all starts with knowing your customer. Get into their shoes and you’ll never go a day without knowing where your next check will come from. With Housecall Pro, we halp you do the work and support you on your journey to success.

Spread the word of your business with tools like automated marketing. We’ll help you with the tools so you can get the right work to do more work. 

Setting reminders also help you upsell while managing upcoming jobs.

Job outlook

The general job outlook in San Diego and Southern California for HVAC technicians is profitable. With jobs steadily increasing as the use of green solutions for HVAC becomes more of a priority, as an HVAC worker, this means more money in your pocket

In addition, since California is a state with one of the biggest populations, likely, there won’t be a shortage of work anytime soon. So if you’re an HVAC technician still using pen and paper, that means more heavy lifting and juggling scheduled jobs on sticky notes. 

But if you’re looking for a streamlined solution where you can see your booked jobs, and upcoming schedules, and manage your customers all in one place, you need Housecall Pro’s HVAC software

We’ll help you organize your HVAC business by putting everything in one place and easily accessible by the Housecall Pro dashboard. So whether you’re in the field on a job or in the office, the info you need is only a few clicks away.

Keep track of your work and changes to your HVAC business with a solution that was built for you.

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