Housecall Pro’s Virtual Summit 2024: Key Moments and Expert Advice
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Empowering the Service Industry: Recapping Housecall Pro’s 2024 Virtual Summit

Elevate Your Business Mastery: Join Us at the First Housecall Pro Virtual Summit

The Housecall Pro 2024 Virtual Summit was a game-changing event! Our featured speakers delivered powerful insights and equipped home service professionals looking to elevate their businesses with actionable knowledge and practical tips they could implement immediately.

In this blog post, we’re diving into the standout moments and key takeaways learned at the Summit. From expert advice to innovative product features, you’ll get a front-row seat to the valuable content shared by industry leaders. Missed a session? No problem. We’ve got you covered with access to the recordings, so you can watch every single moment. Get ready to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience the Summit’s impact all over again.

Day 1 – Working in Your Business

Opening Session Keynote | Elevating Your Home Service Business: Strategies for Growth and Innovation 

Roland Ligtenberg, Housecall Pro Co-Founder and SVP of Innovation, kicked off the Virtual Summit with a powerful keynote address, focusing on innovation and growth in the home service industry. His key takeaways included leveraging technology to streamline operations and prioritizing customer experience to drive business success forward.

Watch the full session.

Customer Acquisition and Marketing

Get More Customers: Campaigns, Voice, Online Booking, Websites 

Joanna Dunn, VP of Product at Housecall Pro, discussed strategies for attracting more customers, highlighting tools Pros can use like targeted campaigns, voice technology, and online booking systems. She shared the key features of user-friendly websites while emphasizing how to enhance an online presence and drive customer engagement.

Watch the full session.

Operational Efficiency

Manage Jobs: Estimates, Jobs, Scheduling, and Dispatching 

Connor Kuehnle, Sr. Director of Product at Housecall Pro, shared techniques for efficient job management, emphasizing the benefits of integrated scheduling and dispatching tools. These tools help streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve overall job management efficiency.

Watch the full session.

Manage Your Field Operations: Dashcams, GPS Trackers, Expense Cards 

In this session, Connor covered essential tools to enhance field operations, like Dashcams, GPS trackers, and Expense Cards. He discussed best practices for using these tools effectively for optimal field management within your business.

Watch the full session.

Impress Your Customers: Campaigns, Customer Communications, Customer Portal 

Joanna explored strategies for enhancing customer satisfaction, from impressing your customers using targeted campaigns to leaning into effective customer communication tools. She highlighted the standout features of the Customer Portal, demonstrating how using the feature can improve customer interactions and satisfaction.

Watch the full session.

Grow Your Revenue: Pipeline, Sales Proposal, Service Agreements, Consumer Financing 

Revenue growth strategies were a focal point in this session, with detailed insights into service agreements and consumer financing options. Connor and Joanna walked through tools to enhance sales proposals and manage pipelines to boost revenue.

Watch the full session.

Back-Office Management

Manage Your Back Office and Reporting: Payroll, Reporting, Employees, Bill Pay 

Lani Young, VP of Product at Housecall Pro, discussed efficient back-office management, with tips on handling payroll, reporting, employees, and bill payments. Key reporting metrics and tools were highlighted to show how Pros can streamline their daily administrative tasks.

Watch the full session.

Manage Payments and Cash Flow: Invoicing, Payments, Mobile Check Deposits, Consumer Financing, Instapay 

This session focused on managing invoices and cash flow efficiently. Lani explored Housecall Pro’s suite of payment management tools to ensure smooth financial operations, including Mobile Check Deposit, Consumer Financing, Invoicing, and Payments. 

Watch the full session.

Product Roadmap

Future Plans and AI Innovations from Housecall Pro 

The Product Roadmap session provided a glimpse into our future plans and upcoming innovations. Roland and John Martin, Chief Product Officer at Housecall Pro, discussed key features and exciting product updates to look forward to, including our AI Team. With this groundbreaking feature, you can reimagine the way your business works and assemble the specialized support you need—from coaches and customer service reps to analysts and marketers. The sky’s the limit.

At Housecall Pro, we never stop listening to the needs of our Pros and making continuous improvements to the features you rely on to run your business. Our Product Roadmap session showcased our steadfast commitment to consistently bring you those improvements. 

Watch the full session.

Day 2 – Working on Your Business

Opening Session Keynote: Getting, Keeping, and Growing with Your Customers 

To kick off day two, Brooks Pettus, COO at Housecall Pro, delivered an insightful keynote focused on actionable steps to building a winning sales strategy and team. He shared proven strategies for creating a strong sales team and emphasized the importance of effective leadership in driving business success.

Watch the full session.

Business Strategy and Automation

How to Identify, Implement, and Monitor Systems in Your Business

In this session, Conquer Coach Caleb Wininger underscored the importance of creating repeatable systems in your business, offering practical tips for implementing those systems and workflows. Real-world examples demonstrated how automation can streamline operations and drive growth in your business.

Watch the full session.

10 Tangible Tips in Using AI to Implement Into Your Business 

Morgan Knox, Conquer Coach, discussed the sometimes overwhelming world of AI, sharing user-friendly AI applications Pros can use in their businesses. AI’s potential to revolutionize home service business processes and enhance efficiency was a key theme in this innovative session.

Watch the full session.

Marketing and Customer Relations

Create and Plan Your 2024 Marketing Initiatives

Conquer Coach Irum Rashid-Jones shared marketing strategies for 2024, with creative campaign ideas and examples to help boost your engagement efforts. The session emphasized the importance of innovative marketing approaches to stay competitive and ahead of your competition.

Watch the full session.

Pricing for Profitability: Pricing and Job Costing

In this session, Connor discussed how to effectively raise rates and boost profits, and also provided strategies for communicating and implementing these changes. Using tools like a price book and pricing forms, it’s possible to increase profitability while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Watch the full session.

Creating Your Brand and Reputation: Automations, SMS, Reviews, Teaching Techs to Speak to Customers 

Cultivating a solid brand is essential to business success. In this session, Joanna and Connor shared the different ways Housecall Pro can help you manage your brand, plus they offered a few tips and tricks too. Building and maintaining a strong brand was highlighted, with a focus on automations, SMS communications, and customer reviews. 

Watch the full session.

Social Media Marketing: Influencer Panel 

For this special session, three social media influencers—Germaine Nelson of Capitol Plumbing & Heating, Jake Cordero of Motherflushers Plumbing, and Joe Geisler of Geisler Electric—joined Kallie Volpi, Sr. Manager of Social Media at Housecall Pro, to share valuable tips for leveraging social media for marketing. The discussion covered effective strategies for engaging with audiences on social media and building a strong online presence.

Watch the full session.

Business Growth and Metrics

Measurements That Matter: KPIs to Track During Any Business Season

In this panel discussion, Conquer Coaches Chris Willatt, Brandon Lazar, and Brandon Gawdun talked about how key performance indicators (KPIs) can impact your home service business. The panelists shared essential KPIs for business growth and provided insights on how to track and use KPIs to drive success.

Watch the full session.

Deep Dive Into Business Acquisitions

Morgan and fellow Conquer Coach Marvin Salcido Jr. discussed business acquisitions, including valuation methods, personal experiences, and creative purchase scenarios. They emphasized the importance of accurately valuing a business, which can involve looking beyond revenue to net profit and considering inventory or hard assets. The speakers also shared their experiences with business growth through acquisitions and the importance of not overpaying.

Watch the full session.

Human Resources, Talent Management, and Culture

Getting Hired in the Trades 

Brett Conklin, Chief Services Officer at Chimney Monkey, Kyle Ricciardi, Owner of A/C Authority Inc., and Chris Weldon, Sr. Community Manager at Housecall Pro, engaged in a great discussion and provided valuable advice for those looking to get hired in the trades. They walked through practical tools, opportunities, and tips for getting hired, aiming to support the next generation of professionals in the home service industry.

Watch the full session.

Creating a Culture of Excellence, Fostering a Productive Office Staff Environment 

Conquer Coach Brandon Brown shared his personal experience and insight on building a successful business with a healthy environment. Brandon underscored the importance of creating a unique workplace culture, reflecting on past challenges, and trusting team members. He emphasized the significance of open communication, mutual respect, community involvement, and core values in fostering a positive work environment and achieving long-term success.

Watch the full session.

Success Stories

Everything Costs Nothing: Shift Your Mindset—Shift Your Income 

Brandon Vaughn, Chief Strategist and Conquer Coach, shared his inspirational journey in the home service industry, offering practical tips for growing a business, building wealth, and investing in what matters. Brandon’s story served as inspiration for attendees looking to push through obstacles and achieve their own success.

Watch the full session.

Unleashing Your Leadership Potential: Conquering Stress for Success 

Andrew Tyson, Conquer Coach, spoke about the importance of finding your “why” to fuel leadership and overcome stressors. He shared his personal experiences of owning businesses and facing adversity, emphasizing the need for perseverance and adaptability. Highlighting the importance of investing in people as valuable assets and developing them for growth, Andrew encouraged leaders to embody core values and make few but high-level decisions daily.

Watch the full session.

Missed the Virtual Summit? Catch Up Now

Did you miss Housecall Pro’s 2024 Virtual Summit? Don’t worry—we have a collection of all the videos you need in one place for easy watching. Now you can catch up on the recordings to fully benefit from the expertise that was shared. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this innovative and successful event. We look forward to seeing you at our next Virtual Summit!

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