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The must-have networking strategies to grow your plumbing business

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The plumbing industry is in a state of accelerated growth in today’s economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the industry is expected to grow 16% in the next 10 years and add over 75,000 jobs into the marketplace in the United States alone. The industry is bringing on new plumbing businesses everyday and with that comes fresh ideas and better innovation within the industry. 

Your plumbing business isn’t created in a vacuum, however. In order to get yourself equipped with the latest tools, ideas, knowledge and plumbing software innovations you’re going to need to put yourself and your business right in front of the key players who are helping push the industry forward. At this point, you might be asking yourself a few questions. How do I optimize my networking efforts? What are some of the best strategies in impacting a potential network? How will networking positively affect my business? All of those questions and more will be answered in this piece so you are well equipped to glean all of the necessary industry wisdom that will keep your customers returning for more service and keep you paces ahead of your competition.

How do I optimize my networking efforts?

Networking and the exchange of information is the life-blood of the plumbing industry. In order to get the most out of networking, it’s important to understand where you can meet all of the industry’s top players as well as get introduced to all of the best tools coming into the marketplace. Enter industry trade shows. Trade shows are mega events that bring in hundreds, if not thousands, of industry professionals, vendors, and educators to one location. Here you’ll be introduced to plumbing businesses that could become potential business partners. Our  top recommended networking event for 2020 is The Housecall Pro Local Meetups Event.

In this free networking event, you get the chance to meet local business owners around you and learn business tips, while enjoying free food and drinks. A wide range of topics are covered during the event, including marketing, sales, hiring, technology and more. There are also scores of trade shows that occur annually in a city near you. 

How will networking positively affect my business?

When you pursue a networking strategy, you bring various businesses and individuals into what your business has to offer. Imagine you attended a networking and met and exchanged information with a few HVAC techs from your area. You now a real referral engine on your side. In fact, according to a study by Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals over brands. You now have these fellow home services professional helping you catalyze an increase in business if they need to refer a plumber for one of their jobs.

In order to leave an impact on the individuals you meet during your networking events, it’s important that you tell a story that will resonate. 

A study conducted by researchers Dan and Chip Heath® notes that after presentations, 63% of people remember stories and only 5% remember statistics. It’s important that you tell your story to the people you’re meeting. Why did you get into this business? What type of impact have you been able to make in your community? All these add up to creating a memory and creating a partnership within your network.

What are some of the best strategies in impacting a potential network?

Now that we have the foundation built of why networking is important and how it will make a positive impact on your business, let’s look at various strategies you can use now to make an impact whenever you attend you next trade show or conference.

  • Hand out business cards: Many people believe that business cards are a thing of the past. However, plenty of businesses still use them and they have a greater impact in recalling you and your business.
  • Telling a story of your business: Like mentioned earlier, people remember stories. Make an impact with the businesses and vendors you meet by telling them your story.
  • Purchase a booth: If the networking event is close to your homebase and you have the bandwidth to purchase a booth, become a part of the event! Have people come to your rather than you go to the people.
  • Attend multiple events a year: You would be surprised at the familiar faces you’ll see over and over again at networking events. That’s because the people that are serious about growing their business know the importance of creating a flourishing network. 
  • Join industry-related social networks: When you cannot join a networking event, make sure you still get your name, brand and story online in front of the people who are trying to find your services. 

Your business is the sum of your efforts

The success of your business is contingent on what you put into it. If you remain in same small arena you’ve known for years, your plumbing business will remain small. When you put yourself in front of vendors, customers and other businesses that are helping push the industry forward, your business will follow suit. When you surround yourself with people that can help your business in ways you cannot, you will see your business level up. It’s on you to put yourself in front of those people. 

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