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12 Service Truck Must Haves – That You Probably Don’t Have

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Check out these 12 things you never knew you needed in your work truck. You can thank us later.
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You’re a pro, and you know your stuff, especially when it comes to kitting out your work truck. You’ve got the best tool boxes, rail systems and safety gear to stay organized and stay protected. But what if you could make your life even easier – and look more professional while you’re at it? Check out these 12 things you never knew you needed in your work truck. You can thank us later.

1. Foval 150W Car Power Inverter

Buy now: Foval

Price: $16.98

Eliminate the battery power struggle and charge your phone, tablet and tools while you drive with this inverter that plugs into your lighter. 

2. Kenu Airframe+ Phone Mount

Buy now: Kenu

Price: $19.95

Do you use your phone for GPS? Keep it in sight without blocking your view with this air vent mount. Bonus: Free up those cup holders for more coffee.

3. Milwaukee Tools Parachute Bags

Buy now: Milwaukee Tools

Price: $23.95

Parachute bags are the best way to store and access small items – hands down. Milwaukee Tools makes a simple, durable option. Put them inside 5-gallon buckets to make them stackable and transportable.

4. Leatherman Z-Rex Glass Breaker Multi-Tool

Buy now: Leatherman

Price: $23.99

Designed for military and EMT use, this glass breaker multi-tool is made of tungsten carbide and also includes a seatbelt cutter and two wrench options. Let’s hope you never need it, but if you do, it could save your life. 

5. Bulldog Mounting Car Safe

Buy now: Bulldog

Price: $45.99

Keep cash secure but easily accessible with a personal car safe. The mounting hardware sets this one apart – when the box is locked, it can’t be removed from the mount. 

6. Brady 5 Gallon Spill Kit

Buy now: Brady

Price: $54.99

This basic universal kit comes in handy for small oil and antifreeze spills that can happen to any work truck. HVAC, carpet cleaning, pest control and other pros who work with chemicals should consider larger, industry-specific kits for emergency spills.

7. Duluth Trading Cab Commander

Buy now: Duluth Trading

Price: $59.95

Don’t just throw you work papers, tablet or laptop, clipboard and small items like business cards on the seat – and then send them flying when you take a corner. Keep them in place with the Cab Commander, the copilot you never knew you needed. 

8. Survival Supply Roadside Rescue Kit

Buy now: Survival Supply

Price: $59.95

You’ve probably got jumper cables already – and we hope you have a fire extinguisher, too. But do you have a heavy-duty tow rope, illuminating light sticks, a rain jacket and a first aid kit? Get it all in one with this roadside kit.

9. Plantronics Explorer 500 Bluetooth Headset

Buy now: Plantronics

Price: $59.99

Stop shouting over road noise when you take customer calls – or using your cell phone while driving. This noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset has high-quality voice tech, so you sound as professional as you are.

10. Iunio Military Portable Shovel and Multi-tool

Buy now: Iunio

Price: $61.99

Work trucks go to some rugged places, and a portable shovel can help you dig out of mud, snow and other tough spots. This one’s also got a whistle, bottle opener, fire starter, pickaxe, saw and more, taking it from boring shovel to ultimate, badass survival tool. 

11. Ryobi Cordless Power Inflator Kit

Buy now: Ryobi

Price: $69.00

Got a small leak? In a hurry? Caught without a spare? Pump up tires quickly with this portable inflator. You’ll make it to your next appointment on time and keep tires inflated until you can get to the shop.

12. Housecall Pro

Put an end to clipboards and messy stacks of invoices taking up space in your truck, and say goodbye to lost paperwork. Housecall Pro has everything you need – appointment booking, invoicing, estimates and more – in an easy-to-use app. Get it on your smartphone or download the new iPad app and take it with you anywhere. Click to learn more.

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