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6 ways to unwrap yourself from extra work

Housecall Pro makes almost everything easier

Workflows can mean the difference between a company that’s successful and steadily growing, and one that struggles to keep the doors open. Working more efficiently reduces operational costs and leads to a more productive team. 

As your business has grown, do you ever get buried beneath a monstrous pile of paperwork? From scheduling and invoicing to receipts and financials—keeping up with everything can be a nightmare, leaving you all wound up and stressed out.  

It’s time to streamline your business! Housecall Pro offers a lot of ways to do that. We’re laying out six strong examples below.

Sink your teeth into these 6 Housecall Pro tools

Unwrap yourself from all that busy paperwork and stop working yourself to death. It’s time to simplify the way you and your team work.

1. Online Booking

No more double booking or overbooking. Online Booking ends that fear forever! Offer multiple ways for customers to book an appointment. They can schedule the right techs for the right service needs any time, 24/7! Automated reminders will save you a ton of time, along with creating a five-star experience. Don’t let the thought of running it give you goosebumps either—getting started is easy with the onboarding wizard!

2. Card on File

Recurring and repeat jobs just got a whole lot easier too! Save time by charging a card on file in the office or in the field immediately when payment is due. Skip having to create invoices and waiting for customers to provide payment info. You can keep your customers informed on every transaction with automatic receipts.

3. Accounting

Tax time won’t drive you batty anymore. With Housecall Pro Accounting, you’ll have unlimited access to a dedicated professional bookkeeper to handle your monthly books. Plus, you’ll get simple financial reports right in your Housecall Pro account. No more gathering financial statements from 17 different platforms—it’s all in one place and updated in real time! Sign up to get early access to Accounting!

4. Expense Cards

Do you manage a team that often needs access to money? Or do you struggle with reimbursements and aren’t sure where your money is going? Try Expense Cards! This is the easy way to control spending and track expenses. You can order as many cards as your team needs, and they’re already included in your Essentials and MAX subscription. No digging up receipts at tax time either! Just upload to each transaction.

5. Automated Review Requests

It’s always a little awkward. You’ve completed a job and have to send out a request for the customer to give you a good review online… that is, if you remember to ask for it. Why not automate that? Forget having to remember! This will help you grow your business through positive ratings and testimonials while increasing your presence on Google.

6. HCP Assist

This is an easy call. Think of HCP Assist as your 24/7, integrated answering service and start turning missed calls into booked jobs. You don’t have to ghost potential customers anymore while you’re out on a job site, enjoying your weekend, or asleep! Every call matters! Save tens of thousands of dollars every year on hiring and training call support. Reclaim your nights and weekends—we’ll take the calls while you focus on growing your business.

Workflows don’t have to be so scary anymore! Work smarter and breathe some new life into your business with easy-to-use, high-tech tools from Housecall Pro. Take our free trial for a spin and get ready to say, “RIP pen and paper.”

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Last Posted June, 2024
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