47 HVAC Interview Questions to Hire Your Next Technician

47 HVAC Interview Questions to Hire Your Next Technician

HVAC Interview Questions

The success and reputation of your HVAC business primarily depends on the success and reputation of the HVAC technicians that you bring onboard. As a result, it is understandable why many HVAC business owners find the recruitment and interview process to be overwhelming and easily overcomplicated. Knowing exactly which HVAC interview questions to ask can lighten the load of the hiring process and help you to grow your business in this booming industry

This report consists of 47 targeted HVAC technician interview questions that can help you to assess a candidate’s experience, capabilities, work ethic, skillset, and problem-solving ability. The questions have been divided into relevant categories that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the potential technician’s strengths along with their areas of improvement. Once you have your dream team of technicians, consider learning more about how HVAC software can further help streamline and grow your business. 

General HVAC Interview Questions 

Before you dive into the deep end, a great starting point would be to assess whether the candidate has a fundamental understanding of the HVAC industry. You will also be able to discover the motivation and overall commitment to the industry: 

  1. What inspired you to first pursue a career within the HVAC industry? 
  2. Could you explain the path that your career choices have taken you on so far? 
  3. What exactly do you enjoy most about the HVAC field?
  4. What steps do you take to provide top-notch customer satisfaction? 
  5. How do you ensure the safety of yourself and your customers on the job? 
  6. How do you manage your time during the average workday?
  7. What is the biggest challenge that you have faced so far in the HVAC industry? 

The key is to focus on the candidate’s general interest level in HVAC. You want someone that actually enjoys the field instead of someone that just happened to respond to your advertisement at random. A first-class candidate for your HVAC technician job opportunity should be able to prove that they took the time to carefully consider the position and see a future for themselves in this field. Look for a balanced and natural enthusiasm in addition to an understanding of the difficult aspects of the daily workload. 

Experience Interview Questions 

As is the case with any job interview, you need to analyze your prospective HVAC technician’s work history and experience within the field. Make sure that you highlight their hands-on training and the various projects & tasks that they have completed: 

  1. How many years of experience do you have working in the HVAC industry?
  2. Which types of HVAC units have you installed the least and most? 
  3. How have you been able to handle typical customer disputes in the past?
  4. What is the difference between working with residential versus commercial HVAC units?
  5. Can you tell me about the most complex HVAC project that you either assisted someone with or completed yourself? 
  6. Can you give me an example of an emergency situation on the job that you handled and what you did to resolve the situation? 
  7. How do you ensure that you comply with federal, state, and local regulations? 

This section of the interview will mostly feature stories. Your goal is to distinguish the fact from the fiction. Any sign of exaggeration may be a red flag that the candidate should not be considered further. An ideal candidate would highlight various problem-solving skills, be able to break down each story to the brass tacks, and realistically explain their ability to handle pressure. 

HVAC Skills Interview Questions 

This part of the interview will transition you from the general questions about the industry and their work history to their HVAC skillset. The daily competencies and technical skills used in the field will be targeted and help you to have a clear view of the candidate as an actual worker on your team. 

  1. Which types of HVAC units are the most familiar to you? 
  2. Can you explain how to perform a system efficiency analysis step-by-step?
  3. What is your approach to learning new HVAC systems and models? 
  4. What steps do you take to stay up-to-date on current HVAC practices and codes?
  5. How would you diagnose a basic HVAC system issue step-by-step?
  6. What is your experience with geothermal heating & cooling units?

You want to hone in on the specifics when analyzing their responses to your questions. They should be able to skillfully and accurately use technical jargon and reference relevant systems, units, and tools used in the field. This will also help you to analyze their strengths and weaknesses – which will help you to map out a solid training plan if you decide to hire them. 

Technical HVAC Interview Questions 

You will step the questions up a notch with this section as you dive a little deeper into the technical side of the HVAC industry and the expected workload of your technicians. This will help you to evaluate the specialization and expertise of each candidate.

  1. How exactly would you install a new high-efficiency furnace step-by-step? 
  2. How would you explain the refrigeration cycle in layman terms to a customer?
  3. How would you retrofit an older system to increase its energy efficiency? 
  4. Can you explain the step-by-step process involved with balancing an HVAC system?
  5. Can you break down the steps required to conduct preventative maintenance on a standard HVAC system? 
  6. What is the best way to determine the correct size of equipment during an installation?

Confidence and accuracy are the two cornerstones that you should look for during this part of the interview. You may also want to tweak the questions a bit – especially if they have already mentioned specific models and tools earlier in the discussion. Doing so will help you to confirm that they do know what they are talking about, which would boost your confidence even more if you decide to hire them. 

Situational Interview Questions

Scenarios allow you to ask the candidate to paint realistic pictures of how they would handle situations in the field. Their responses should help you to picture why they could be a reliable HVAC technician that you trust to represent your brand at the homes and businesses of your new and existing customers. 

  1. What would you do first with a customer that complains about a recently serviced HVAC unit that is still malfunctioning? 
  2. How exactly do you handle conflicts with fellow coworkers? 
  3. If you are in the middle of an installation and run into a complication, what steps would you take to address it without causing the customer to panic? 
  4. Can you tell me about how you handled a safety hazard that was present at a previous job or project?

Good communication skills are a treasured quality of any HVAC technician – especially since they will essentially be the face and voice of your company at each worksite they visit. Their responses should make it clear that they appreciate teamwork and prioritize HVAC safety. They should also be skilled at developing practical solutions in the field if their initial approaches failed. 

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Technology Interview Questions

HVAC systems and related tools have been revolutionized in recent years by advanced technology and the digital age. It is imperative for your new HVAC technician to either be knowledgeable on the existing advancements or capable of catching on quickly after being trained. 

  1. What do you know about smart HVAC systems? 
  2. Which smart HVAC systems and tools have you worked with in the past? 
  3. How would you troubleshoot a digital thermostat system step-by-step?
  4. How comfortable are you with using field service mobile apps to record inventory and other pertinent job details? 
  5. What software have you typically used to calculate loads and other HVAC design tasks?
  6. Can you tell me about your past experience with diagnostic programs and other HVAC software?
  7. Are you familiar with remote or wireless monitoring HVAC systems? 

There are two key points that you want to see clearly during this aspect of the interview. First, the candidate should be comfortable with using new technology in general – especially within the HVAC field. The last thing you need to add to your team is an experienced HVAC technician that refuses to leave behind old practices and tools. In addition, your candidate should have a proactive and enthusiastic approach when it comes to learning new systems and tools. 

Compensation Interview Questions 

As you are starting to wrap up the interview, chances are you and the candidate will both want to discuss compensation. Keep in mind that you may not even make it this far with most candidates if they do not pass the previously asked questions, which is why it is so important to have a structured approach to your HVAC interview questions. As you work through these questions, make sure that you handle this part with honesty and transparency to ensure that nothing is misunderstood or misinterpreted from either side. 

  1. What salary do you expect from this HVAC technician position? 
  2. In addition to base pay, what other elements of a compensation package are significant?
  3. Do you currently receive any incentive-based pay or bonuses that you would want to keep receiving? 
  4. What health benefits or other employee benefits do you expect to receive? 
  5. Are there any other fringe benefits that you would expect from our company if hired?

Realistic expectations are essential for you as the business owner and for your prospective HVAC technician. This will help you to ensure that your candidate’s expectations align with what is available for your company to offer. It will also help you to get an inside view of your competitors and what they offer to their own employees. This type of research can help you to make the necessary adjustments to remain competitive in this industry. 

Wrap-Up HVAC Interview Questions 

Your candidate may have more that they want to share about themselves that they did not get a chance to disclose earlier in the interview. On the other hand, you may have more questions that you want answered specifically about them before they leave. These wrap-up questions will also open the door for them to be able to ask their own questions and address any applicable concerns:

  1. Why should you become our next hired HVAC technician?
  2. Where do you see yourself in five years within your career?
  3. What questions do you have about the technician position that have not already been answered?
  4. Do you have any questions about our company, products, services, or team? 
  5. Is there anything else about you that we should know before we wrap up this interview?

Clear career goals will help you to confirm whether the candidate sees a future for themselves in the HVAC industry and, more importantly, with your company. You will also be able to further assess their excitement and enthusiasm overall regarding a technician role on your team. It will also allow you to get them to drop their guard and open up about whatever other questions or concerns they may have. 

What To Look For in the Ideal HVAC Interview Candidate

You need to verify more than technical skills and experience when searching for the right HVAC technician. These quality HVAC interview questions can help you to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the candidate’s adaptability, professionalism, and alignment with the values and philosophy embedded within your company culture. 

An ideal candidate to become an HVAC technician within your company should exhibit a solid mix of such qualities as technical proficiency, attention to detail, adaptability, collaboration, professional integrity, and problem-solving skills. You also need to make sure that your prospective HVAC technician is somewhat tech-savvy and ready to embrace the technological side of the ever-evolving HVAC industry. Use the questions outlined above when selecting candidates to ensure that your newly hired technicians will be able to drive your company forward to lasting success and growth. 

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