34 Apps Like Thumbtack To Help You Pick Up More Work in Your Field

34 Apps Like Thumbtack To Help You Pick Up More Work in Your Field

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Posted by EJ Brown

December 8, 2020

Get More Leads With These Websites Like Thumbtack

Whether you’ve had success with Thumbtack and are looking for similar platforms, or you’re searching for new sources for better-quality leads, there are many, many alternatives to choose from with different business models and focuses.

We’ve compiled a list of lead-generating platforms and split them into categories:

  • Most Similar to Thumbtack

  • Best for One-Person Handyman Businesses

  • Best For Consistent Subcontract Work

  • Best for Direct Customer Leads

  • Other Popular Lead Generation Platforms for Residential and Small Commercial Service Providers

How Does Thumbtack Work?

If you


tried Thumbtack, here’s how the site works. Potential customers describe the type of service they need and set parameters for how far the company can be from their home. 

Thumbtack then emails information about the lead to service providers who offer that service within the selected area. It differs from sites like HomeAdvisor in that you only pay a fee (which varies by industry and goes up to $15) when you choose to send the potential customer a response.

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34 Thumbtack Alternatives

Note that by listing these platforms, we’re not endorsing any of them. We recommend you do your own homework to decide which platforms are worth investing your time and money in.

Most Similar to Thumbtack

If you’ve had success with Thumbtack, one of these platforms might be right for you, as well. You never know which of these platforms becomes the next big home service marketplace. Signing up early and scoring a couple of stellar reviews can give you a competitive advantage once the site really catches on.

1.  Houzz

Houzz is best known to homeowners as being a Pinterest-like site specifically for home-related projects and design. They also have a separate side for contractors that includes a website builder, publishing tool and app for home improvement professionals to connect with homeowners. 

Connecting your business website to the Houzz directory enables searchers to see previously completed projects, prices, reviews, and connect by email, phone or social media. You can pay for a premium profile or concierge service for Houzz staff to prescreen leads.

2. Porch

Homeowners using Porch post their projects, budgets, and timelines. Contractors choose which projects they want to pursue. You can buy leads individually or set filters and buy them automatically.

3. Gentask

Gentask works very similarly to Thumbtack. Customers log into the mobile app or website and explain what type of service they’re looking for. Then professionals can submit quotes and the customer chooses which professional they’d like to hire.

4. Bloomchase

This is another site designed to help professionals find and connect with local customers. It serves a large range of industries, including everything from home improvement specialists to pet care to life coaches.

5. Adopt A Contractor

A lesser-known website, Adopt-a-Contractor is a lead generation website designed specifically for people looking to hire contractors. There are no memberships or contracts involved. Adopt a Contractor claims that it only sends “fresh” and qualified leads. 

6. 1800Remodel

Like its name, this platform focuses on remodeling projects. Contractors are pre-screened by the potential client and then bid for the job.

7. Contractors.com

Contractors.com captures and qualifies local consumers by searching Google, Bing, Facebook and other areas of the web for products and services. You set the daily amount that you want to spend on leads and Contractors.com does the rest. The online interface is available for both desktop and mobile.

8. HUX

A smaller, regionally-based home services app, HUX is an all-in-one app for cleaning, lawn care, handyman and delivery professionals in the Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA metropolitan areas. Pros can market their services in an online directory to residential homes, apartments, and AirBnbs.

9. The Home Fixers

The Home Fixers is a subscription service that lists licensed service pros in a contractor directory, handling their marketing and advertising. This is a lesser known platform, and we couldn’t find much in the way of reviews. For smaller fish like Home Fixers, we recommend doing your own research before investing heavily in a platform.

10. ServiceWhale

Servicewhale’s listed differentiators are instant automatic quoting and free leads. You turn over your pricing model to ServiceWhale, and they send automatic bids to customers. Homeowners can then negotiate your price after you bid for a job.

11. Talk Local

Talk Local uses a “pay per conversation” model and gives you the opportunity to accept or reject an incoming call based on their desired appointment date, the description of the project, and their location. The site offers free and paid plans. Check it out as an alternative to Thumbtack.

Best for One-Person Handyman Businesses

In between bigger projects and need some fast cash? The following platforms are ideal for one-person operations looking for quick jobs.

12. NeedTo.com

Needto.com specializes in small odd jobs. People post their small projects – from landscaping and home maintenance to furniture assembly — and users bid to complete the job.

While many of the listings are for casual, short-term requests, in typical handyman and home improvement services, you can build connections with folks that have frequen odd jobs and hold the potential of becoming long-term customers. 

13.  TaskRabbit

There are a lot of

TaskRabbit alternatives

on the market, but TaskRabit is the best known. Though it’s not tailored specifically to full-service businesses, potential customers use this task management app to hire skilled Taskers for a variety of jobs. Popular task categories include handyman, furniture assembly, cleaning, and moving.

When you join TaskRabbit, you’ll be notified of nearby jobs that match your service offerings. You can choose which ones you’d like to accept, confirm details with the customer directly, and submit an invoice through the app.

14. Troolr

Just starting out your business and need to find your first few jobs? Troolr is a search engine for service pros and trade professionals. Similar to TaskRabbit or Fiverr, customers can post work orders, including the size of the project and due date. Contractors can communicate with potential clients without a middleman. Service users gain more visibility by paying for premium options such as promoted listings and advertisements.  

15. Craigslist

Craigslist’s job boards have been a go-to for most service professionals, contractors, and small business owners at some point and time their careers. The classified ads offer an array of industries to post services, resumes, and seek out work opportunities. Perhaps one of the simplest platforms to use, the free service does come with its fair share of pros and cons. What you see is what you get, but still always a good reference point to keep in your back pocket. 

Still looking for more opportunities to promote your home services business? We compiled a list of the top local business directories, review sites, lead generation services, and digital marketing and advertising tools that will help you to 10x your business.

Best For Subcontract Work

Subcontract work can fill up an empty schedule, but you don’t always get much say in the pricing of a job or whether you can follow-up for reviews, referrals., or other work.

16. Amazon Home Services

Selling services on Amazon gives home service professionals such as HVAC technicians, carpet cleaners, plumbers and electricians the ability to sell their professional services to Amazon customers in their area.

There’s no need to search for leads. Amazon does the work for you. Customers can purchase services while shopping on Amazon. The platform will also send you leads and once the job is finished, Amazon will pay you for your work. Lastly, positive customer reviews will allow pros to build and grow their brands’ reputations within the Amazon Community. 

17. Super

Positioning itself as an online home services concierge, Super manages the logistics and coordinates maintenance and repair jobs. Pros can choose from an assortment of available jobs in their area with the mobile app. Once accepted, clients will be able to see your distance in proximity to their location (arrival time). Super covers breakdown charges for service pros. 

18. Takl

Takl is yet another app that pairs up customers with providers. Their differentiator is that they help customers find someone for same-day work. 

19. Wonolo

Unlike many of the resources listed here, Wonolo is a staffing service for businesses. You can use the site to find general labor or cleaning gigs. This isn’t an idea lead-generation method, per se, but if you’re looking for subcontract work, it’s something to try.

20.  Staffy

Staffy is similar to Wonolo. It connects with hospitality businesses that need skilled contractors for a range of different jobs, both long-term and short-term.

Since Staffy promises to provide on-demand staff within 90 minutes, it’s a good option whenever you’re looking for work on short notice – or simply looking to connect with customers who are looking for your exact skill set and availability.

Best Direct-to-Customer Lead Generation Opportunities

21. Facebook Ads

Growing your presence on Facebook can be a long-term brand investment.  Advertise your company’s specials, run giveaways, or become an educational resource with useful posts homeowners will share with friends. 

The geolocation feature allows you to promote your business to people within a specific zip code, or distance range.

 Facebook Ads

allows for in-depth filtering to only show ads to potential leads that will be interested in your business. Don’t let the technical jargon scare you. Facebook Ads is user-friendly and with a small investment, it’s certainly one of the most cost-effective ways to market to gain visibility for your business. 

Don’t want to pay for an ad? Check out these free techniques that other pros have been successful with on Facebook:

22. Groupon

While customer retention can be an issue, Groupon is a good way for younger businesses (or home service businesses in a slow season) to find work and set yourself up for new referrals.

If you’re interested in working with the platform, check out

Groupon’s merchant blog

which offers tips and tricks blog that will help you enhance marketing efforts and grow your business. 

23. Foursquare

The local search and discovery mobile app provides personalized recommendations for users. Geared towards both small and large business owners, you can claim your business on the digital directory to find customers. Foursquare boasts that most brick and mortar businesses are on their platform. 

You may not get tons of new customers from an app like Foursquare, but think of it this way: if you take 5 minutes to claim your business and get one new customer from them, or ten people see your profile and start to remember your company name (brand building), then it was worth your time.

24. NextDoor

Nextdoor is a community forum app where neighbors can share resources and get recommendations. Businesses can sign up and offer deals and services directly to users. Create a free listing and paid ads. 

Expanding your service area? Signing up for Nextdoor can be a great way to break into a new neighborhood or town.

25. Lead Genesis

A heavy player in the solar power space, the company is focused on generating white label leads sourced from internal media and private affiliate networks. If you offer solar services, you can buy these leads from the company. These are homeowners and businesses that have already expressed interest in solar energy.

Best for SEO

These sites are ideal to simply be listed on and have more external links that point to your website. This helps with search engine optimization so that your website ranks higher in organic searches.

26. Yext

Yext is the parent to many of the online directories, such as


, that helps consumers find small businesses. It also integrates with many of the big players, such as Google My Business and Yelp so that any time you need to make a change to your business’s N.A.P. (name, address, and phone number), it’s automatically changed across all platforms.

Google tends to penalize websites that have different contact information in different listings. This can hurt your organic search engine rankings.

27. Yahoo's Localworks

Yahoo Localworks is an alternative to Yext that allows small business owners to manage their listings across 70+ directories. 

Yahoo created a feature in the Localworks dashboard that enables business users to update their information across search engines, social media channels, local networks, and maps. They’ve even included a competitive insights feature that tracks visitor traffic, a la Google Analytics that allows you to see everything from profiles views to calls.

28. Homeflock

Homeflock is a contractor directory geared towards plumbers, electricians, remodeling professionals, and general contractors. They pull business and review information from multiple sources, including state and federal licensing agencies, customers receive a list of trade professionals that have recently completed work in their neighborhood. It enables them to see previously completed projects and connect with past clients. Your company might already be listed, but you can add contact information to the listing.

29. Insider Pages

Insider Pages is an online directory for businesses to connect with people in their area. Spanning multiple industries, customers can leave reviews and recommendations. Like Homeflock, you can claim your listing so that the site links directly to your website.

30. Yellow Pages

YP.com is the same big book that is dropped off on your doorstep several times a year, only now it’s an app.  Notwithstanding, any and all business should make it a point to list here.

Other Popular Lead Generation Platforms for Home Service Providers

31. Google Local Services

Google has its hands in everything, including the home services industry. Its local services platform gets your business information to searchers with ease. To be eligible to run a Google Local Services (GLS) ad, busineses need to become

Google Guaranteed

through an background check process. 

On the customer’s end, Google will reimburse customers for work completed with a Google Guaranteed business that they’re unsatisfied with. This is a win/win for businesses and customers alike and one of the reasons for GLS’s growing popularity.

Google Local Services places your ads in front of interested people and you only pay when your services are requested by a customer. You can pause your ad when you’re booked up, or want to transition to another campaign. With Google’s constant updates, new features and options are sure to be available and to reach the people that matter the most. 

Housecall Pro

now integrates with Google Local Services to help your business show up at the top of Google and have customers directly book you online.

Learn more.

32. Angie’s List

Known for being one original service provider directories and lead generators for contractors and small business professionals, Angie’s List is still well-known by homeowners. 

Looking for more alternatives? Check out our

Angie's List competitors

list for more options.

33. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor matches your home service skills with a customer’s inquiry. Based on their selection, your business contact information is forwarded to them. You can conduct a pre-screen conversation before committing to taking the job. 

It may be useful to know that the

same parent company

owns both HomeAdvisor and Angie's List, as well as other platforms like Handy, Fixd Repair, and CraftJack. Do some investigating on how these platforms differ and when they use overlapping data.

34. Yelp

Yelp is one of the main review sites that customers visit before choosing a service business, especially when it comes to moderate to large ticket commitments such as home services. Grow your Yelp reviews, grow your business. 

Yelp allows business owners to communicate directly with the community (and using Housecall Pro’s integration, customers can book a service online). 

2020 State of Lead Generation Report

We surveyed over 140 service professionals about their usage of different lead generation sites including Angie’s List, Facebook, Google (including Google Local Services), Home Advisor, NextDoor, Thumbtack and Yelp.

Download our 2020 State of Lead Generation report to learn which platform offered the best return on investment (ROI) or the highest average monthly revenue in your industry.

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Lead Generation Platforms

Ready to try one of these platforms? Here are some tips to get the best results.

Get noticed by replying to clients ASAP:

When it comes to standing out on apps and websites like Thumbtack, timing is everything. If you take too long to respond, it won’t matter if you’re the best person for the job, because someone else will have beat you to the punch. 

Save time pre-written messages:

When you’re already multitasking all day long, responding to every incoming request can seem like an extra burden. Fortunately, you can write and save prepared replies, so you have always a response ready to go. Craft a friendly, professional message that you can send out when you get a notification from a potential customer.

Track your success:

Keep track of how many leads you earn through the site and the amount of revenue they’ve provided to your business. This allows you to ensure that your investment is worth it. If you’re not seeing a healthy

return from the time and fees you’re spending

on the site, you may need to revamp your profile and rethink your strategy for messaging potential customers.

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