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Online Plumbing Forum and Communities Are the Key to Digital Networking (and Internet Marketing for Plumbers!)

Online Plumbing Forum and Communities Are the Key to Digital Networking (and Internet Marketing for Plumbers!)

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Posted by Kindra K.

June 18, 2019

How to Get Involved in the 15 Best Online Plumbing Communities for Plumber Marketing and Networking

When you’re trying to grow a plumbing business, you have to be smart about how you spend your time


your marketing dollars.

That’s why it’s important to remember that some of the best advertising for plumbers isn’t done through traditional ads at all – it’s done through networking. And when it comes to networking online, there are plenty of places you can make connections, swap tips with other pros, and build up your reputation in the industry.

Not sure where to get started? Or which online communities are most worth your time and effort? We’ve got you covered!

Today we’ll talk about why you should participate in plumbing communities online, explore different ways to use these communities, and tell you which essential plumbing online communities every plumber should join.

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Why Joining Online Plumbing Communities Is Great for Your Business

You might be wondering,

“How can an online plumbing community help grow my business? Is it really worth my time to network online? Will I learn or gain anything by participating?

The short answer to all of these questions is


, definitely. There are many benefits that your business can gain from building your brand presence through

online communities, blogs, and forums


However, the longer answer involves knowing why you should get involved and figuring out which sites make the most sense for your business. So, today we’ll talk a bit more about why you should participate in online communities as well as which plumbing groups are the most active and valuable options for you.

Let’s start with an overview of the top reasons you should get involved ASAP.

1. Participating in online plumbing groups helps you make a name for yourself.

Networking online is just as important as it is in the offline world. In fact, it’s one of the most valuable forms of plumbing marketing – especially when you consider the potential power of referrals.

By joining online plumbing communities, you can expand your network, meet tons of other plumbers, and even connect with potential customers.

Whether it’s a blog, Facebook group, or Q&A forum, you can think of these communities as free plumbing advertising sites – because they’re a great place to network and get the word out about your plumbing business.

2. You can learn from and discuss plumbing best practices with seasoned pros.

Online plumbing communities allow you to share your knowledge and learn from others in your industry. For instance, if you don’t know the best way to handle a specific situation or the best way to price out a new kind of job, it’s nice to know you’ve got a reliable group of peers ready to help you out.

Many of these groups also include members who are plumbing marketing experts or seasoned business owners who are happy to give you tips on building up your brand presence online. You can ask questions, start discussions, or get advice on everything from

plumbing industry trends

to how to market your plumbing business online.

3. Getting active in online communities can drive traffic to your website.

In addition to building relationships within the plumbing industry (and scoring potential referrals), posting in an online plumbing community can bring more people to your website. The more traffic your site receives, the more likely you’ll convert some of those visitors into new customers. Especially if its relevant traffic driven by online plumbing groups.

By making a name for yourself across different plumbing forums, groups, and blogs, you can draw attention to your brand, drive interest in your business, and take advantage of opportunities to plug your website.

How to Get Involved: 15 Online Communities for Plumbers

In order to use your time wisely, you want to be somewhat selective when choosing which online plumbing communities you join. Groups and communities that are active daily, growing in size, and sources of super useful content are the best places to start.

So, let’s look at which plumbing online communities are most popular and offer the most value to professional plumbers. Here’s how you can get involved in the best online plumbing communities.

Participate in Social Media Groups

Social media is the perfect platform for making connections and gaining traction for your brand online. Here are a few of the most active, helpful plumbing groups on Facebook that you should join to swap tips with other pros and build up your reputation in the industry.

1. Plumbers Nation

With over 1300 members as of May 2019, this Facebook group represents a valuable opportunity for connecting with other pros in your industry. Though the focus is definitely on plumbing, the community encourages members to get to know each other and share other aspects of their lives. It’s a great place to pick up plumbing tips, scope out potential job listings, and just engage in general chit chat with other plumbers.

2. Plumbers Chat

This Facebook group for professional plumbers has over 1600 members. Though blatant self-promotion isn’t welcome, it’s still a great place to build your reputation and meet other pros in your industry. Join to ask questions, give advice, and show off your best work and accomplishments.

3. Plumbers Talk Group

plumbers talk group

4. UK Plumbers & Builders Group

Even though this group targets plumbers in the UK, the discussions and posts are relevant to plumbing professionals all over the world. With over 2200 members, this group has been active since 2015 and is still going strong.

5. Plumbers 911

This group is a bit different from the others mentioned so far. It’s run by referral service for local plumbers in 10 different cities across the US – which could make it a good place to network and potential land new business – but they also create helpful YouTube videos and blog posts that are shared to the Facebook group.

Contribute to Online Forums for Plumbers

Much like social media groups, online forums give you an opportunity to share your knowledge with other plumbers and homeowners – and get noticed by potential customers. Answering questions on a forum is great for your brand because it establishes you as an expert. Plus, you can drop links to your plumbing website or offer your services when it makes sense to do so.

6. Plumbing Forums – Professional & DIY Plumbing Forum

plumbing forums

With more than 11,000 members and new discussions being started every day on this forum, you can almost always find the answer you’re looking for


find opportunities to showcase your expertise by responding to someone else’s question.

7. Terry Love’s DIY Forums

pluming community online

This forum has over 59,000 members and counting, with new posts, topics, and questions every day. It’s a catch-all for everyday plumbing questions from professionals and those interested in DIY plumbing projects.

8. Plumbing Zone – Professional Plumbers Forum

plumbing online community

Plumbing Zone is an online plumbing community with nearly 32,000 members. The site is broken up into multiple forums that focus on different topics, including a general plumbing forum and a separate professional plumbers forum.

9. Plumbing

This subreddit for plumbers boasts 31.2


members who share tons of photos, questions, and stories about all things plumbing. If you have a specific question for the group, you can search to see if it’s already been answered in an earlier post. And if you see a question or problem that you can help with, leave a comment to help out a fellow plumber.

10. Quora

quora plumbing

Quora is a popular Q&A site where anyone can ask and answer questions about just about anything. By creating a Quora account and following relevant topics (like



Home Improvement

, and

Hot Water Heaters

, to name a few), you’ll get notified when someone asks a question that you can answer.

Read, Comment, and Contribute to Plumbing Blogs

There are tons of amazing plumbing blogs out there – including those written for industry experts like yourself and those written with your customers in mind. There are benefits to following and participating in both types of blogs.

For starters, you can gain knowledge about your trade by reading these blogs on a regular basis. You can also boost your reputation as a subject matter expert by submitting your own articles to blogs that accept guest posts. Or you can simply comment on recent posts to connect with other plumbers and homeowners in the comments section.

11. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Blog

benjamin franklin plumbing

Benjamin Franklin’s ‘Expert Tips’ plumbing blog is a handy resource for homeowners as well as professional plumbers. Although they might not post as frequently as some of the other blogs mentioned today, their content is high-value and easy to follow.


online plumbing community

This blog has been around since 1994, so it houses decades-worth of helpful content. Topics range from health and safety tips to general plumbing knowledge for homeowners and pros alike.

13. Grow Plumbing

grow plumbing

With a focus on plumbing marketing and advertising, this blog is a great resource for those who want to learn about promoting a business online – and pick up a few plumbing tips along the way.

14. The Mr. Rooter Plumbing Blog

plumbing community

As one of the most well-known names in the industry, Mr. Rooter has been in the plumbing business since 1970. Today, they’re also a trusted source of plumbing tips thanks to their well-organized blog. They post articles about plumbing trends, how-to videos, and news about what’s happening in the world of plumbing.

15. Housecall Pro

plumbing online community hcp

With regular updates and posts on everything related to running a home services business as well as how to use our

plumbing software

, our very own Housecall Pro blog is a reliable source of industry news and advice for plumbing professionals like yourself.

Bonus: We’ve also put together an entire post dedicated to

the best plumbing blogs

, so be sure to check it out for even more blog suggestions!

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