How To Get More Leads For Your Plumbing Business

How To Get More Leads For Your Plumbing Business

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Posted by Kindra K.

June 10, 2019

Lead Generation Tips That Will Get Your Plumbing Business Growing Fast!

The lifeblood of any business, including your plumbing business, is leads. More leads equal more sales which equal more revenue. On the flip side, if you don’t have enough leads, it’s tough to keep your business running smoothly even if you're already using

plumbing software

to automate most of it.

Of course, this raises the critical question:

how do you get more leads for your plumbing business.

Or, put another way, how do you grow your plumbing business?

Thankfully, it’s not particularly complicated.

In this post, we’re going to break down the what, why, and how of generating more plumbing leads and expanding your plumbing business.

Let’s dive in.

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Step #1: Optimize Your Website For Lead Generation

The first, arguably most important step, is to optimize your website for lead generation. A lead-optimized website is the foundation of lead generation.

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to contact you.

What does that mean for your website? It should, at a minimum, include:

An easy-to-find telephone number.

We can’t stress how important this is. Your phone number should be impossible to miss. If people have a plumbing emergency, they want to be able to get in touch with you fast. Put your number in a prominent place that can’t be missed and encourage people to contact you.  

A call to action.

This is also incredibly important. When people visit your website, you want them to take action. You don’t want them to simply browse for the fun of it. Be direct and ask them to call you or request an appointment today. If you have a “Request An Appointment” button, make sure it’s big and bold and unmissable.

A list of services you offer.

Visitors to your website want to know immediately if you can solve their problem. They don’t want to have to hunt through numerous pages to figure out what services you offer. Make your services crystal clear on the home page.


Reviews and testimonials give people confidence that you’re a reputable business that does great work. This, in turn, makes them more likely to request your services.


If you offer any discounts or guarantees, ensure that those are clearly visible on your home page. Again, this can motivate people to contact you.

Locations you serve.

Be clear on which geographical areas you serve so people know immediately whether or not you can help them. If they’re not sure whether you can help them, there’s a good chance they won’t call you.

State of lead generation report ebook cover photo

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Step #2: Get Your Business On Google Local Search Listing

When people want to find a plumber, where do they usually go first? Google.

And when they type in something like, “Plumber Tallahassee,” Google brings up a number of local plumbers.

plumbing leads

You want your business to show up in those listings. To get listed, go to

Google My Business

and click the “Start Now” button. Go through the wizard and fill in your details:

plumbing leads

Once you’ve listed your business, you need to optimize it. One of the most effective ways to do this is with “My Business Posts”. These function as social media-like posts under your business name.

To add a post, log in to My Business and select “Posts” from the left-hand navigation. You can add everything from recent blog posts you’ve published to new services you’re offering to events your hosting. You can also give customers the option of booking your services by using the “Booking” button.

plumbing leads book online

If you want a full guide on how to optimize your Google Business listing, checking out

this guide by Moz

Step #3: Offer A “Lead Magnet” On Your Site

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content that you offer to visitors in exchange for their contact information. This content can take numerous forms as long as it offers value to the visitors.

For example, you could offer visitors a free guide on different ways to save money on their water bill. In exchange for their email address, they get to download the free guide.

Offering a lead magnet can be incredibly effective at generating leads.

Step #4: Create Valuable Content

This is similar to the above step but with a different flavor. Creating free, helpful content on your website and on your social media channels can be a powerful tool for generating leads. What sorts of free content do we mean?

Consider creating things like:

  • A blog post of 12 simple plumbing fixes

  • A step-by-step video tutorial showing how to fix a running toilet

  • Tips on saving water (and ultimately money)

  • A blog post about how to deal with hard or soft water

You get the point. Your goal is to create truly valuable, authentic, helpful content. Creating this content does several things:

  • It establishes you as an expert in your field

  • It creates trust between you and your audience

  • It demonstrates generosity (since you’re giving away free content)

  • It allows you to interact with your audience, particularly on social media

All of these things make it more likely that potential customers will contact you when they encounter a plumbing problem.

Step #5: Join A Referral Network

Think about all the people who are in contact with your ideal customer.

  • Insurance companies

  • Realtors

  • Construction companies

  • Tradespeople (roofers, electricians, etc.)

These companies and individuals constantly come into contact with people who need plumbing services. By joining a referral network, you can greatly increase the number of leads coming into your plumbing business.

plumbing leads

An example of a referral network/networking group is

BNI America

. They have over 250,000 members scattered across the United States. There’s a really good chance that you can find a local chapter.

Step #6: Tap Into The Power Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an incredibly effective way to get your brand in front of


customers. Why? Because Facebook allows you to hypertarget your audience. For example, you can target people who live in your city, are between the ages of 25-60, and own a home (all of which suggest they’ll need plumbing services at some point).

When you creating Facebook ads, be sure to have:

  • A scroll-stopping picture that will grab people’s attention

  • A strong call to action (like “Call Today!”)

  • A headline that will cause people to stop scrolling and take notice

  • A link to a key page on your website, such as a new blog post, a tutorial video, or your booking page

plumbing lead ad

Step #7: Use Google Search Ads

Again, where do people go when they need a plumber fast? To Google. Google Ads are a fantastic way to generate plumbing leads, especially emergency plumber leads.

The beauty of Google Ads is that you can target both keywords, such as “plumber Tallahassee,” and geographic locations, such as Tallahassee, Florida.

plumbing leads

When creating your Google Ads, there are at least three things you want to consider:

  • Keywords:

    Before you create your advertisement, you need to do keyword research to find search phrases that have a sufficient search volume every month.

  • Ad Copy:

    Like with Facebook, you want to have a strong, compelling headline that will get people clicking. Ideally, the heading will contain your primary keyword, as well as any benefits or offers.

  • Landing Page:

    Ideally, you should create a unique landing page for every Google Ad you run. This allows you to do two things. First, it lets you track the performance of the advertisement in terms of the number of clicks and leads it generates. Second, it allows you speak directly to the person clicking on the ad. In other words, if your keyword is “plumber Tallahassee,” you can mention Tallahassee specifically on the landing page. This increases the odds of you getting plumbing leads.

Final Thoughts: Start Small and Expand

If this list seems overwhelming to you, start small. Do one thing at a time, and once you’ve gotten the hang of that, move on to the next thing. In terms of where to start, the best place is to ensure that your website is optimized for plumbing lead generation.

After all, if you use Facebook ads and send people to a site that’s not optimized, you’re wasting valuable dollars.

Wherever you start...get started. Using these tactics will allow you to get a leg up on your competition, get more out of your plumbing software, and expand your customer base.

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