11 Plumbing Blogs Causing A Splash In The Industry

11 Plumbing Blogs Causing A Splash In The Industry

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Posted by Cecilia Li

April 17, 2021

The Best Plumbing Blogs For Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts

Is your business’s phone not ringing as often as you’d like? Are you taking advantage of

plumbing software

? There are lots of ways to attract new plumbing customers in this day and age, not the least of which is becoming a helpful online resource. In other words: If your website is full of useful troubleshooting tips, you’ll appear trustworthy when you come up in a web search through search engine optimization (SEO).

One of the best ways to build a good plumbing website and blog of your own is to scout what the competition is up to. Following 

must-read plumbing blogs

 gives you a view into which plumbing topics readers are looking for, and how often posts are published. But that’s not all. Even if you’re an experienced plumber yourself, you can turn to these blogs for help when you’re stuck on a tricky job and to stay up to date on changes in the industry. And many of the top plumbing blogs are aimed specifically at professional plumbers who want to grow their business.

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Some plumbing blogs are run by small local businesses, while others are managed by big brands and reach a much wider audience. Local blogs are great for regional topics (like frozen pipes in cold climates), while national blogs offer insight on universal plumbing issues. Here are 11 popular plumbing blogs that you should be following.

Len the plumber logo

1. Len the Plumber

Post Frequency:

1-3 posts per-week

The Len the Plumber blog is a good example of how to talk to customers in an approachable way. The voice of the blog is fun, yet professional, and they tackle topics people care about. One of their 2018 posts is called “What to Do When Your Water is Taking Too Long to Heat,” for example. It’s aimed at homeowners with water heater issues, but professionals can still pull from it for good blog topics of your own.

Benjamin Franklin logo

2. Benjamin Franklin

Post Frequency:

1-3 posts per-week

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a blog called simply “Plumbing Tips and Tricks.” It’s another good example of how to tackle the questions customers often ask about. Aside from easy plumbing tips, the blog offers advice on topics like choosing equipment and fixing bathroom grout and sink clogs.

Mike Diamond logo

3. Mike Diamond Services

Post Frequency:

1-3 posts per-week

The Mike Diamond blog should be followed so you can get an idea of how to tag and categorize your plumbing blogs. They make it easy for customers to find exactly what they need. The blog also publishes every week, which is a good cadence for posts. You can also take a look at their infographics if you’re considering some graphic content for your own site.

Mr Rooter logo

4. Mr. Rooter

Post Frequency:

1-3 posts per-week

Mr. Rooter has name recognition on their side, so a lot of customers turn to them for DIY advice. Their blog is chock full of “How to” articles for homeowners and landlords. For plumbers, it offers a wealth of niche topic ideas and some solutions to common problems for professionals.

Reddit logo

5. Reddit Plumbing

Post Frequency:


Reddit is a great gathering place for all kinds of minds, including home services professionals and homeowners with plumbing issues. The reddit.com/r/plumbing channel includes everything from professional plumbers bragging about a complicated job well done to amateur plumbers seeking easy DIY plumbing tips. And then there are some fun posts about running across unconventional plumbing setups. You can hop on at any time and ask which piece of equipment is best for a job or if anyone else is having the same issue as you on a kitchen job.

3 Mountains Plumbing logo

6. 3 Mountains Plumbing

Post Frequency:

1-2 posts per-month

This popular Oregon plumbing company blog is a good example of regional content. While some of the blog’s posts are universal, they also tackle issues that resonate with locals. Browse their topics to see how they cover issues like flooded basements and water damage, alongside drain cleaning and sewer lines. They’re also another example of how to talk to your audience like a friend.

Express Sewer And Drain logo

7. Express Sewer and Drain

Post Frequency:

1-2 post per-week

Not sure how to sell your services without being too heavy handed? The Express Sewer and Drain blog


offers an example. Topics like “What To Expect When You Hire A Professional Plumber For Drain Cleaning” subtly encourage potential customers to reach out without cramming a sales message down their throats. Follow this one for ideas about how to suggest your services in a friendly way.

Best Plumbing logo

8. Best Plumbing

Post Frequency:

1-2 post per-week

The Best Plumbing blog


is handled by a Seattle company that has been in business since 1968. Not only does the blog offer content relevant to both consumers and professionals, but they keep their eyes peeled for new technology and industry changes. Follow it for everything from bathroom designs of the future to water heater trends.

Grow Plumbing logo

9. Grow Plumbing

Post Frequency:

1-2 post per-month

This blog is aimed specifically at professional plumbers. It teaches you to make the most of your marketing strategy and tap into the latest industry news. Topics range from social media and SEO trends for the year to “3 Signs Your Plumbing Business Should Switch to Flat Rate Pricing” and other practical advice columns.

Contractor Mag

10. Contractor Mag

Post Frequency:

3+ post per-week

This one isn’t technically a blog, but it’s still worth a follow. Contractor Mag offers a macro view of home services trends, resources, and this year’s expos and conferences. You can also learn a lot on Contractor Mag about the people and products that are shaping the modern plumbing industry.

Plumbing Perspective Logo

11. Plumbing Perspective

Post Frequency:

1-3 posts per-week

This industry blog is by professional plumbers, for professional plumbers. Follow it to get updates on industry leaders, learn how to grow your business with new technology, and brush up on techniques. They even hold the occasional giveaway.

In Conclusion

Plumbing and heating blogs aren’t just for customers. Not only can you use them to get ideas about what kinds of content to publish on your own site, but they’re run over with information about the industry. Becoming a master of your craft is an ongoing process. Remain up-to-date with plumbing trends on our blog and take advantage

changes happening in the plumbing industry

, such as our plumbing software to stay at the top of your game.

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