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Handyman Services List: 25 Services You Can Offer to Clients

25 Handyman Services List Ideas

As a handyman business owner, helping your customers understand all the services you have available can make your job much easier. Instead of taking time away from a job to field calls or emails asking if you offer this service or that, create a comprehensive list of your handyman services, readily visible on your business website.

Why is this important? When your customers need a little extra help around the house, they usually turn to the internet, searching terms like “ceiling fan installation near me” or “outlet replacement in my city.” If your handyman website has a full list of services you offer, then it will be listed in the customer’s query responses. If not, Google and other search engines have no way of knowing that you offer X, Y, and Z services – and customers searching for a handyman online may never see you!

Your talents and abilities may encompass a wide range of handyman tasks, including electrical, plumbing, or masonry. We’ve put together a sample list of handyman services and brief descriptions of each one to help you create your own personalized handyman services list.

Ideas for Your Handyman Services List

1.     Drywall repair and maintenance 

Patching holes in drywall, even large ones that horseplaying children may cause, is a valuable service. Note that these services include repairing nail or thumbtack holes, removing old wallpaper, or patching tears in the drywall. Your services may also include replacing drywall or even installing drywall to finish an attic, basement, or garage.

2.     Interior stain and paint

Interior painting, whether it’s a whole house or just one room, is in popular demand in suburban areas. You may offer recoloring services, stain or paint removal, touching up faded colors, or replacing and painting drywall. Make sure to note that you can paint wainscotting, baseboards and crown molding, cupboards and cabinets, doors, and other interior fixtures.

3.     Exterior stain and paint 

Like interior painting, staining, and color removal, exterior painting and staining boost your customers’ curb appeal and are visible advertisements for your handyman and painting skills.

4.     Floor improvements and tiling 

Tiles are popular floor coverings in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and laundry/ mudrooms. Your list may offer tile installation services for floors or tile replacement, including cutting, grouting, and perfect placement. Tiling services can include installing backsplashes in a kitchen or tiles on the wall in a shower, kitchen, or bathroom.

5.     Light fixture installation 

Installing new lighting fixtures requires several professional skills. Many homeowners are intimidated by electrical work. Be sure to list specific lighting fixtures installation, like ceiling fans, recessed and track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and exterior and landscaping lighting. You can also list lighting maintenance, like replacing high, hard-to-reach bulbs that many homeowners need help reaching themselves.

6.     Door hardware installation 

Installing new door knobs, locks, deadbolts, and keypad door locks can be more complicated than many homeowners realize. Emphasize how important properly installed door locks and fixtures are for home security.

7.     Picture hanging and installation 

Hanging pictures and artwork so they’re perfectly centered, balanced, and installed so they will not damage the drywall is trickier than it looks. Note that your services prevent multiple holes and pokes in the wall so that each picture or art piece is supported well, no matter how heavy.

8.     Window coverings 

List that your services include hanging curtains, drapes, shades, and hardware like strain pulls and tie-back rods. You may also install blinds of different sorts, like Venetian blinds or plantation shutters. Window covering installation may also include “smart” shades, ideal for regulating temperatures in buildings with large windows or locations with harsh heat or cold.

9.     Screen installation and repair 

Window and door screens need maintenance to prevent too-frequent replacement. Your handyperson services can include replacing screens or patching damaged screens.

10.  Minor plumbing 

Homeowners may not need a plumber to fix a leaky faucet, install or replace bathroom fixtures, replace a garbage disposal or unclog a sink, replace or install a new shower head, or remove and re-caulk kitchens and bathrooms. Be careful about which plumbing services require a licensed plumber and what your local building codes are for plumbing installation and repair.

11.  Minor electrical 

Your personal range of electrical services may vary and could be contingent on your municipal electrical codes and requirements. The range of electrical services you can offer may include minor renovations in the building’s electrical circuit, installing security cameras and other equipment, smoke detectors and radon detectors, and other small electrical needs.

12.  Small appliance installation and repair 

Installing small appliances, like an over-stove microwave or Ring doorbell, is a popular task. Homeowners may not know how to install these properly. This can be a quick job that builds goodwill with a client, leading them to book your handyman services for future needs.

13.  Smart home upgrades 

Become an expert in installing all major brands and models of Smart Home upgrades, from thermostats to ceiling fans, lights, and even landscaping lighting. Many of your clients will look for innovative technology to make their lives easier.

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14.  Furniture assembly 

Clients who purchase new furniture and aren’t sure what to do next – or those who just don’t want to bother – will appreciate handyperson furniture assembly services. You may specifically note that you can install wall-mounted TVs, install closet organizers, or assemble different types of furniture – even IKEA furniture!

Another valuable handyperson service is unassembling furniture. People who are moving may need certain pieces of furniture unassembled for packing or loading, and you can offer those services, too.

15.  Babyproofing 

Professional baby-proofing a home is a boon for new parents. These customers may be exhausted with caring for the new arrival and appreciate services that include child-safe latches for cupboards and cabinets, secure electrical outlet covers, and other safety measures.

16.  Senior home upgrades 

Protecting elderly adults in their homes is similar to baby-proofing, although you’d be wise not to refer to it as such. Still, older adults living alone may need specific home modifications to live independently. 

Consider calling this group of handyman services “senior upgrades” or “upgrades to live independently.”

Advertise services like installing a grab bar, walk-in tub, motion-sensor faucets, a wheelchair-friendly stairlift, or shower seat installation. With a growing number of baby boomers, the demand for senior-specific in-home handyman needs will grow exponentially. 

17.  Gutter cleaning 

This chore may be challenging for homeowners who lack the time, desire, or special equipment to remove leaves and other debris from their homes’ gutters. Note that your services include fixing clogs, making general repairs, cleaning downspouts, and installing new guttering—even around gabled roofing systems.

18.  Window washing 

Listing professional window-washing services may net you both residential and commercial clients. Washing the outside of the windows of a building makes it more pleasant to breathe air when the windows are open and contribute to the overall curb appeal of a house or commercial building. If you’re capable of washing the windows of multi-story buildings

Exterior window washing for two—and three-story homes is another straightforward handyperson service that you can offer. Depending on your comfort level, you may also choose to wash only windows on the ground floor of a home. You can offer window clearing as a professional service that many homeowners and commercial businesses want.

19.  Pressure washing and power washing 

Some states or municipalities require a special power or pressure washing license. If you have one of these licenses (or wish to obtain one), list this as part of your handyperson services. Power and pressure washing may be a necessary part of preparing a driveway for sealing or just general maintenance to keep the area smooth and free of debris.

20.  Topcoat and sealing 

Sealcoating a garage or driveway is a popular method of protecting the concrete, cement, or asphalt. You may have the specialty equipment and materials to sealcoat residential and commercial services, which can be a specialized service to offer.

21.  Fence and gate repair 

With gate and fence repair services, you can help your clients enjoy greater home security and avoid those pesky HOA fees. After a bad storm, fence repair is always in high demand. Plus, over time wooden fences are more susceptible to rot or damage from insects and other pests. If you know how to properly install a fence, including concrete groundings and posts, then you may have year-round business from gate and fence repair.

22.  Minor landscaping services 

Advertise your skills at everything from installing paving stones and walkways to building garden terraces, installing BBQ furniture and outdoor kitchens, or assembling and disassembling seasonal furnishings.

23.  Holiday lights installation 

Offer seasonal Christmas and holiday lighting installation, including lights around the roof and full exterior. Include take-down services after the holiday and emphasize your commitment to working within the set-up and take-down requirements of a client’s HOA. 

24.  Winterization 

Depending on your location, you may offer winterization services for both residential and commercial buildings. Some common winterization needs include installing window film, door sweeps, weather-stripping, and caulking around doors and windows.

25.  General carpentry

Carpenter services are a catch-all for your client’s unique needs. Carpentry services can be as broad or specific as your skills, but if you have certain talents, like woodworking or finishing, then be sure to list them.

Why Should You Create a Handyman Services List?

If your customers don’t know what specific services your handyman business offers, they may not book you. An easy-to-find, comprehensive, and descriptive list of your services on your website combined with the use of handyman software boosts your new leads and encourages customers to book you – and not someone else!

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