Tips for training office staff without prior experience

How to hire and train HVAC office staff without prior experience It can take a lot to hire and onboard new office staff—especially when they don’t have prior experience in your industry.  Amanda Arbogast from Beltway Air Conditioning has been in HVAC management for nine years. She created an efficient onboarding process for new hires…

How to drug test your employees

From opioids to marijuana, recreational drug use is on the rise. According to a recent study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, companies in the United States lose over $740 billion each year in substance-abuse related costs. This loss is related to healthcare costs, criminal activities, and diminished work productivity. Why you should consider a drug testing policy As an…

HVAC Tech Job Description Template: How to Hire a Good Field Service Technician

Is it a good time to start attracting talented technicians? A few years ago, there were over 332,900 qualified HVAC techs in the United States alone—and according to the Bureau of Statistics, that number is only going up. Take a look at this sample HVAC job description and use it as a template to encourage the best of the best to join your team.