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Housecall Pro is focused on providing a unified and streamlined scheduling experience for our users. We’ve invested heavily in our latest calendar to make it easier to schedule and manage your jobs, estimates and events. On December 29th, 2022, all users will be automatically updated to the new calendar to take full advantage of our new features and enjoy a seamless experience scheduling throughout our platform. 

Visit our help center to learn more about using the new calendar.

We encourage pros to become familiar with our new, unified calendar as we approach the end of December 2022. You can enjoy the new calendar now by switching on the toggle from the schedule view on your dashboard.

Please be aware that you will be unable to change back to the old calendar once you switch to the new calendar. If you encounter any issues, please use the blue bubble to reach out to our chat team for live customer support.

How the calendar update will benefit you:

Scheduling jobs and estimates is a critical workflow for all of our users. Our goal is to ensure users can effectively schedule appointments through a single, unified experience with greater consistency. The updated calendar includes new functionality including: 

  • Color coding of jobs & estimates on the calendar tab and on the details page
  • Color coding of events by assigned employee
  • Quick navigation between months with the preview calendar
  • The ability to filter employees individually or by employee tag to control which employee or group of employees show on the calendar
  • Advanced calendar settings including:
    • the ability to select the time zone you view the calendar in
    • options for the job information that’s shown on the calendar
    • the ability to toggle to show all hours or only business hours

Features available on the new calendar

Over the next few months you will also notice other new features we are releasing such as:

  • Now Released! Employee schedule view: Vertically align all jobs for an employee to avoid overbooking technicians and find empty calendar slots faster.
    • Learn more about the employee schedule view by visiting our Help Center
  • Upcoming: Job appointments: Create multiple assigned appointments for each job to manage and schedule jobs across multiple employees and days.

Why are we making this update?

Over the last three years as we’ve made updates, we have supported a few different calendar versions. We’re excited to provide our customers with one easy to use scheduling experience and new features that will increase efficiency and streamline workflows.

We understand changes to our calendar can potentially cause disruptions to your workflow. Our goal is to provide education and support as you become familiar with the new calendar as we approach the end of December 2022. Our support team is here to help you. Use the blue bubble to reach out to our chat team for live customer support. If you’d prefer to talk it out over the phone, call our support number at 858-842-5746.

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