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Michigan plumbing license:
everything you need to know

The Michigan plumbing industry is growing. Learn an in-demand skill and get your Michigan plumbing license. This guide contains information about licensing requirements, apprenticeships, and job resources.

What plumbing work can be done without a license?

You need a Michigan plumbing license to do any work in the state.

What are the different types of plumbing licenses in Michigan

The types of plumbing licenses available include journeyman and master plumber licenses. You must speak English, be at least 18 years old, and completed an apprenticeship to apply for the state’s journeyman exam. This written exam is also available to anyone with a journeyman or master plumbing license from another state.

You can only apply for a master plumber license if you have a journeyman license. A license is not required to do a plumbing apprenticeship in Michigan, though you will need to meet the requirements of the training program itself.

With a journeyman license, you can do most types of plumbing work, including sewer and water line installation and repair and toilet repairs. You have the choice between working for yourself or a plumbing company.  While master plumbers can do the same work, they also can open and run a Michigan plumbing business.

The State Plumbing Board offers the plumbing exams. Michigan charges a $100 exam fee. Applicants also will submit to a criminal background check.

Plumbers working in Michigan earn an average wage of $24.70.

How to get a plumbing license in Michigan

The Detroit Training Institute of Technology and the Brookins Construction Trade School have plumbing programs. Both schools offer financing for students, including payment plans and loans. Students can use this financial aid to purchase plumbing tools and supplies.

To become a Michigan plumber, you need to do between 10-12 months of classroom training. Your school, the local union, or a plumbing company can help you find an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships usually last for four years. Then, you can apply for a journeyman license.

Should I join a union?

Plumbers Local 98 in Troy has its own training center that offers programs for future plumbers. Once you complete the training, you can work closely with a licensed plumber as an apprentice. Unions also can help with employer disputes and advocate for safe working conditions on your behalf.

Insurance for plumbers in Michigan

The plumbing codes in Michigan require that all plumbers have insurance before working in a home or building. This insurance covers any damage that might occur. You’ll get protection if you accidentally break a water line or if one of your workers forgets to turn off the main valve before doing any work.

The state does not require a minimum amount of coverage; however, it’s recommended to get at least $200,000 worth of coverage each year.

How to get my first plumbing apprenticeship

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs in Michigan provides resources for future plumbers. You can learn about schools offer training and apprentice programs. Plumbers Local 98 also offers help with finding an apprenticeship program.

To become an apprentice, you must fill out an online application. Applications are only open a few times a year. You will need to attend an interview. The interview will highlight why you want to become a plumber and your commitment to the program.

Does my license work in any other states?

You cannot transfer your Michigan license to another state.

How do I stay up to date with plumbing codes?

Michigan offers a five-hour code course for all plumbers. You will learn about any new codes or changes to existing codes.

What resources are available in the plumbing industry?

Several resources are available for you to learn about industry trends. You can read blogs and attend trade shows in the state. You’ll also find new plumbing specialties to grow your career.

How often do I need to renew my plumbing license in Michigan?

You must renew your journeyman plumbing license by the end of April each year. You must renew your master plumbing license in April at the end of a three year period.

You must take a code course, submit a renewal form, and pay a fee before the deadline to renew your Michigan plumbing license.