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Simplify the pricing process and grow your revenue. Housecall Pro’s plumbing flat-rate pricing software is a game changer.

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Streamline pricing management with plumbing flat-rate software

Our plumbing business software simplifies practically everything. No more late-night hours spent tweaking prices and double-checking overhead expenses. Get some sleep! Our Price Book feature allows you to control and maintain consistent, profitable pricing.

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Build trust with a transparent visual price book

Housecall Pro’s software provides a simple, clean, visual price book. You’ll get custom images and detailed plumbing service descriptions. Streamline your pricing strategy by calculating profitable, flat-rate prices without leaving the Housecall Pro plumbing app.

  • 92% of customers prefer flat-rate pricing, increasing your chances of job acceptance even if your flat-rate price is higher

  • Easily prepare estimates that impress customers and boost profits

  • Close larger jobs by giving customers flexibility with integrated financing options in estimates

  • Visuals make confusing plumbing concepts easier for customers to understand

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Digital tools means more sales success

Looks matter! A visually appealing online version of your price book can attract potential customers who are researching plumbing services online. With a diverse set of sales and marketing tools for plumbing contractors, Housecall Pro was designed to supercharge your sales success.

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Plumbing Flat-Rate Pricing Software FAQ

What is plumbing flat-rate pricing software?

Plumbing flat-rate pricing software is designed to help plumbing business owners manage their price books and grow their revenue. With this type of software, you can quickly and easily come up with the right pricing tiers for each job you take on. This leads to improved quoting accuracy and saves a lot of time when quotes are needed. No more manually calculating each potential cost associated with a job—plumbers can use the software’s preset rates.

What are the benefits of plumbing flat rate software?

Plumbing flat-rate software like Housecall Pro’s can make all the difference for residential plumbing businesses. And here’s the thing: it’s a super user-friendly experience for both you and your customers. Here are some of the top ways plumbing flat-rate software can help your business.

  • Allows plumbers to complete more jobs per week and increase revenue
  • Only covers completed work which leads to significant savings
  • Simplifies pricing with a single flat rate and removes the need to justify hourly rates
  • Makes it easy for clients to understand charges upfront without having to haggle
  • Shortens billing cycles with upfront prepayment or on-site payment
  • Cuts back on paperwork and admin tasks associated with traditional invoicing

Bottom line? With flat rate pricing, you can improve efficiency, reduce negotiation time, and boost your profits.

Can I customize the pricing in Housecall Pro’s plumbing flat-rate software to match my business needs?

Yes! Customizing pricing with Housecall Pro’s plumbing flat-rate software is simple. Plumbing projects often require specific tools or supplies, which shift in cost sometimes. Housecall Pro makes sure those costs are always figured accurately within each estimate. This means nobody is left footing an unexpected bill at any point during the project.

You can tailor your price book to suit your own unique pricing structure, local market rates, labor costs, parts, and materials cost estimates. All your estimations will be competitive and realistic—no surprises later down the line!

Can your software help me manage my one-man plumbing business?

For sure. While there’s a misconception that flat-rate pricing is only suited for larger companies, the truth is that plumbing flat-rate pricing software can be a huge help for one-man plumbers aiming to enhance their business efficiency. The software takes care of creating and managing quotes and estimates. This means your time is freed up to go do what you do best—deliver quality service to your customers.

Housecall Pro’s plumbing flat-rate software offers easy access to pre-determined pricing and estimates. Respond to customer inquiries faster than ever and even give accurate quotes right on the spot.

Does Housecall Pro’s plumbing software integrate with other business management tools?

Absolutely. With Housecall Pro’s plumbing software integration tools, you can easily sync up invoices and estimates, creating a seamless customer experience from start to finish. On top of that, take advantage of our powerful local digital marketing tools that help spread the word about your business to new customers so that you get the most out of every lead. Plus, we offer detailed reports too. Easily track KPIs like job costs or revenue growth over time and see what improvements can be made. Need more info? Chat with us using the blue bubble or call us at 858-377-8514.