HVAC equipment commissioning checklist template

HVAC equipment commissioning is a process utilized to ensure heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems are operating properly. Commissioning occurs when installing a new HVAC system, inspecting existing HVAC equipment, or replacing an outdated or damaged system in a home or business. 

HVAC equipment commissioning checklist example

An HVAC equipment commissioning checklist includes:

  1. Customer Information: name, address, telephone number, email address
  2. Company Information: name, telephone number, email address, equipment installer’s name, date of install, square footage of the area affected by the equipment, permit number for service
  3. Equipment Information: type of system being installed or inspected, serial number of unit, manufacturer, unit capacity
  4. Inspection Data: information from the inspections performed
  5. Technician Notes: reference notes recorded during the inspection

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