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Texas HVAC license:
Everything you need to know

Texas temperatures can soar to extreme highs and drop to chilly lows, so the HVAC industry does very well in this state. There are a variety of jobs available for knowledgeable HVAC professionals, ranging from maintaining customer accounts to installation.

Interested in getting an HVAC job? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about getting a Texas HVAC license. Continue reading to discover the licensing requirements.

Do you need a license in Texas to become an HVAC technician?

You will need a license to work as an independent HVAC contractor in Texas.

What are the different types of HVAC licenses?

There are a few different types of licenses you can obtain in Texas.

Class A licenses

This license lets you work on any unit of any size, so it’s a good choice for technicians who want to work on commercial or industrial units. The average salary is about $40,000.

Class B licenses

Class B licenses are similar to a Class A, but they limit technicians to only working on cooling systems that weigh less than 25 tons or heating systems of no more than 1.5 million BTUs. Technicians with a class B license may earn slightly less than those with a Class A license.

NATE and EPA licenses

A NATE certificate is a certification from the North American Technician Excellence organization. It is not legally required, but it proves you are knowledgeable and experienced HVAC professional. You can earn $10,000 to $20,000 extra in salary.

Texas licenses include EPA refrigeration, which lets you work with equipment containing refrigerants. Therefore, this license does not require extra work or change your pay.

Benefits of getting an HVAC license

Over the next decade, HVAC jobs in Texas are projected to grow by 15%. Texas HVAC technicians also make slightly more than the national average salary. You can work while you train for the license, so you make money while learning.

Getting a Texas HVAC license informs customers about your proficient skill level. They can feel confident when hiring you.

How much does It cost to get an HVAC license in Texas?

Getting a Texas HVAC license is affordable. You can choose to pay for test prep, but it’s not required. The only cost is the $115 fee for the licensing exam. If you do not pass, you can take it again for the same cost.

How to get an HVAC license in Texas

Texas has a few different HVAC licensing requirements. Applicants must register as an ACR technician. There’s no exam to become an ACR technician. This registration gives you the credentials to work under the supervision of a licensed HVAC technician. Then, you will gain at least four years of work experience.

Next, you can take the contractor’s examination. The exam is open to those with a criminal conviction, but the licensing department may choose to deny your application. Also, you must be at least 18 years old to sit for the exam.

There are no educational requirements for the exam, but if you want, you can take a course at Texas State Technical College, Southwest Texas Junior College, or another local trade school. 

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation administers the exam. You can apply online and then TDLR will contact you the location and time of the exam. You need a passing score of at least 70% to obtain your license. If you do not pass, you can reschedule within 24 hours to retry. 

Your license is valid for one year. To renew it, you must take eight hours of continuing education training.