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Credit Card Authorization Form Template (Free Download)

Credit Card Authorization Form Template

A credit card authorization form is an essential part of the business payment process. The form is used as an agreement between a business and the customer for one-time or recurring payments and can be used to guard customers from credit card fraud. Usually, a credit card authorization form gives businesses permission to charge a customer’s credit card without him or her being present, and this works for a certain amount of time.This is especially helpful for businesses that offer recurring service plans to customers. 

One-time Credit Card Authorization:  a basic credit card processing form that is only valid for one-time payment between the merchant and the customer.

Recurring Credit Card Authorization: accessing a customer’s credit card for a defined period of time with mutual agreement. 

Credit Card Authorization Form Example

General required fields of a credit card authorization form include:

Cardholder information: the name, address, billing address, phone number, email, telephone number.

  1. Customer agreement: the customer needs to confirm that he or she is the legal cardholder and that the customer grants permission to the business for charging his or her credit card.

  2. Signature: the customer needs to provide a legal signature after reading the above agreement.

  3. Credit card information: credit card type, credit card number, expiration month and year, security code and the cardholder’s signature.

Download your Credit Card Authorization Form Template now.

credit card authorization form template