Plumbing JSA Template (Free Download)

Plumbing JSA Template

What a Plumbing JSA Template Is Used For

A plumbing JSA template outlines the potential hazards of a specific plumbing task and ways to reduce possible injuries. A JSA, or job safety analysis, states a task's step-by-step process, known dangers involved, and appropriate responses. This information is helpful for plumbing companies because it protects their customers and employees from potential accidents.

Plumbing JSA Example

A plumbing JSA will include:

  1. Your company name, address, phone number and logo

  2. Document title

  3. Date the document is in effect

  4. Activity or task to be completed

  5. Possible hazards of the task

  6. Risk control measures to take

  7. Name of person assigned to complete the task

  8. Statement of agreement to comply with risk control measures

  9. Employee's name

  10. Employee's signature

  11. Date of agreement

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plumbing jsa template

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