HVAC Service Agreement Template (Free Download)

HVAC Service Agreement Template

What an HVAC Service Agreement Template Is Used For

An HVAC service agreement template outlines ongoing HVAC services and the payment. Most HVAC professionals recommend customers evaluate their heating and cooling systems once a year. So, a maintenance visit is required in the spring for an air conditioning unit and the autumn for a furnace. A service agreement specifies the services performed during these visits and how much the customer will pay.

HVAC Service Agreement Example

Common fields on an HVAC service agreement include:

1. Company’s name, address, phone number, and logo

2. Customer’s name, address, and phone number

3. Equipment’s specifications, including the make, model, year of manufacture, and warranty

4. Descriptions of service plan levels, if applicable

5. Details of service visits

6. Method of payment and a payment schedule

7. Discounts (if any)

8. Preferred customer benefits, such as priority service during weekends or holidays

9. Signatures of the HVAC representative and customer

HVAC Service Agreement Template Download

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HVAC Service Agreement Template

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