HVAC Equipment Schedule Template (Free Download)

HVAC Equipment Schedule Template (Free Download)

HVAC Equipment Schedule Template

What an HVAC Equipment Schedule Template Is Used For

An HVAC equipment schedule template is a list describing the HVAC equipment required for a particular job. HVAC businesses use equipment schedules and

scheduling software

during the planning and sizing phase of HVAC projects. Fixture schedules are useful additions to design documents and drawings.

HVAC Equipment Schedule Example

An HVAC equipment schedule can include the following fields:

  1. Unit number or identifier

  2. Equipment type

  3. Equipment name

  4. Size

  5. Number of individual units required

  6. Equipment location once installed

  7. Area the equipment will be serving

  8. Manufacturer

  9. Vendor

  10. Model number

  11. Corresponding specifications sheet identifier

  12. Estimated service life in years

  13. Rough opening size, if applicable

  14. Cubic feet per minute


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