Commissioning Checklist for HVAC Template (Free Download)

Commissioning Checklist for HVAC Template (Free Download)

What a Commissioning Checklist for HVAC Template Is Used For

An HVAC commissioning checklist helps HVAC companies with commissioning or systematic performance testing and verification of an HVAC system. By comparing the original design objectives with how an HVAC system is actually functioning, technicians can determine any non-conformances need to be resolved before the system is fully installed and ready to operate. A commissioning checklist is one of the most useful tools an HVAC business can employ for quality assurance purposes.

Commissioning Checklist for HVAC Example

An HVAC commissioning checklist may  include:

  1. Project name

  2. HVAC contractor name

  3. Location of HVAC system

  4. Verification of pumps

  5. Verification of chillers

  6. Verification of variable air volume air-handling unit and terminals

  7. Verification of refrigerant charge

  8. Verification of  fan airflow

  9. Verification of air-cooled condensing unit

  10. Verification of cooling towers

  11. Verification of air balancing of supply registers and return grilles

  12. Verification of HVAC controls

  13. Notes

Commissioning Checklist for HVAC Template Download

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