HVAC Audit Checklist Template (Free Download)

What an HVAC Audit Checklist Is Used For

An HVAC audit checklist is used to diagnose problems as well as provide potential solutions in an HVAC system. Both HVAC professionals and homeowners can use this audit to guide what actions they need to take. This checklist will serve as a helpful reference point to walk through the various parts of an HVAC system.

HVAC Audit Checklist Example

An HVAC audit checklist will include:

  • Occupancy data for buildings, average usage, and operation schedule of the HVAC system

  • Installed system’s manufacturer, model, replaced parts, and basic documentation

  • Potential problems with the HVAC system

  • Potential solutions for the HVAC system

HVAC Audit Checklist Template Download

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HVAC audit checklist

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