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Small business leaflet template

The best way to let your customer know that everything is going to be ok is through a leaflet. Ease their worries with the template we offer!

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What a leaflet template is used for

A leaflet showcases your services to potential customers. Each service description should explain how the service will alleviate the customers’ pain points. Educating your customer base helps increase customer satisfaction and retention. Businesses in service industries, like HVAC, pest control, plumbing, and electrical, can benefit from a leaflet.

Leaflet example

A leaflet includes:

  1. Company logo
  2. Contact information
  3. Services (one to four per panel) and an explanation of each service or package
  4. Types of chemicals, materials, or other components commonly used
  5. Any helpful warnings, such as fire hazards from faulty wiring, water damage from drips, or possible health effects from vermin
  6. Any DIY information that helps customers feel in control of the situation
  7. Guarantee information and a refund policy
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