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If you want to minimize all the risks while performing a hazardous job, check our Job Safety Analysis template!

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What a JSA template is used for

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) helps minimize the chance of accidents and injuries on a job site. The purpose of the JSA is to identify all hazardous conditions present when performing a job. The JSA is a written tool used when training personnel and management in every industry about the hazards of a job. Minimizing accidents and injuries will have a positive effect on the bottom line of your business.

JSA example

A JSA template includes:

  1. Description of the tools used to do a task (e.g., a ladder)
  2. Brief discussion on each hazard associated with the tool; each hazard should have its own row and column in the template
  3. What you can do to avoid each of the hazards
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Download small business JSA template