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The trades and Housecall Pro are in the news! Check out some of our recent releases and stories.

May 6, 2019

Blue Collar Revolution: A Letter From Our Senior Vice President

Here at Housecall Pro, it is important that we support and champion all our pros. Yet, there is a big part of the population that gets overlooked: women in the trades. Women have always been out doing the work and silently making a difference for a long time. They are instrumental in every facet of trade businesses around the globe. And if it is not a woman working out in the field, you will often find a woman running the operations back at the office. It is not easy juggling running a business and in many cases, raising a family. We are honored to bring visibility, pride, and support to woman pros that make a difference in their communities.

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October 21, 2019

ACCA Welcomes Housecall Pro into Corporate Sponsor Program

Arlington, VA (October 21, 2019) – The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) announces that leading field service software company, Housecall Pro of San Diego, California has joined ACCA’s corporate sponsor program. ACCA’s corporate sponsor program enables HVACR industry suppliers and manufacturers to demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to ACCA members and the contracting industry through year-round support of the association's activities. The corporate sponsor program also provides manufacturers and suppliers with increased access to ACCA’s nationwide network of contractors through tailored communications and marketing campaigns throughout the year. “ACCA welcomes Housecall Pro’s commitment to contractors by supporting their national association,” said Barton James, ACCA president and CEO. “By participating in ACCA’s corporate sponsor program, Housecall Pro demonstrates their commitment to contractor excellence and business success. We look forward to connecting them with ACCA’s premier contractor network. I encourage contractors to speak with a member of their team to learn about how their offerings, and thank them for supporting ACCA.” 

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January 20, 2020

Wrap Battle Winners and Best Truck Wrap Tips ($1,000 Giveaway!)

If you have service trucks for your home service business, then you must wrap them strategically . Service truck wrap is an essential branding tool that can win you many local customers. Think of your truck wrap as a mobile billboard. The more eye-catching and unique your truck wrap is, the more potential customers you can attract. Here are some truck wrap tips to help market your business more effectively. Service Truck Wrap Tips 1. Use a consistent branding font, logo, color scheme, and design style . The design of your truck wrap should match the same company logo and design on your website and other platforms. You do not want to confuse customers by switching up designs across different marketing platforms.

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September 18, 2019

Housecall Pro Launches New XL Plan With Features Designed to Help Midsize Home Service Businesses Achieve Their Goals and Boost Efficiency

SAN DIEGO-- September 18th, 2019- - Housecall Pro , the leading software platform for home service professionals, today announced the launch of Housecall Pro’s XL Plan, a new offering designed specifically for midsize businesses to equip them with the industry-leading tools necessary for growth. Housecall Pro’s latest solution addresses the unique needs of home service businesses with 10 to 50 employees through such features as an advanced sales proposal tool, sophisticated reporting and dedicated account management.  “We now offer features, support and performance for XL sized companies” said Ian Heidt, co-founder and CEO of Housecall Pro. “Whether you're out in the field every day, or have a small army of technicians, we are powering home services companies with a digital system to dominate their local market.”  The new Housecall Pro XL Plan helps sales teams close deals by offering consumers multiple purchase options that effectively meet their needs and budget while business owners gain greater transparency into their company’s performance and expenses. 

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February 25, 2020

From Housecall Pro: Apps We Love

We’re equipping you with an ecosystem of apps that put you ahead of your competitors. In the past year, we’ve worked hard to build partnerships with companies that will help you better run your business. From call tracking to payroll to consumer financing and more, we’ve got you covered. Sign up for the apps new to the App Store and join the waitlist for the ones coming soon!

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August 30, 2019

Housecall Pro Launches My Money to Help Home Services Professionals Master the Financial Side of Their Business

San Diego, Calif. — August 30, 2019 — Housecall Pro , the leading software platform for home service professionals, today announced the launch of My Money, a comprehensive set of tools within the Housecall Pro platform to help pros get paid faster and gain greater transparency and control over spending — all while saving time and money. Through a partnership with small business credit platform Fundbox and integration with payments platform Stripe, Housecall Pro adds even more power and flexibility to the My Money suite, making it unlike anything currently available.  “Our goal is to ease every aspect of running a business for home service professionals, and handling finances is a big pain point,” said Ian Heidt, co-founder and CEO of Housecall Pro. “Home service professionals haven’t been able to find the money management functionality they want in one place, and existing one-off options are difficult to use. To solve this, we are working with industry leaders to build a comprehensive, intuitive suite for them, eliminating the need to turn to individual providers.”  The My Money suite gives pros all the tools they need to run their business and manage cash flow in a single app. My Money features include:

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