Text Message Marketing Tips, Software Comparison, and Regulations | Coronavirus Update April 8

Text Message Marketing Tips, Software Comparison, and Regulations | Coronavirus Update April 8

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Posted by Ian H., President

April 9, 2020

Service companies are the backbone of the economy and Housecall Pro is committed to doing everything we can to help during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

I hope you find the resources below helpful. Please share this email with other home services companies. 


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April 8, 2020 quick update

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Globally, today, total cases of coronavirus reached over 1.5 million as deaths are nearing 90,000. (1,504,971 and 87.984).

In the US total cases of coronavirus surpassed 400,000. Deaths have surpassed 14,000. The

Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard

is reporting 424,945 US cases and 14,529 deaths as of 4:00pm Pacific on April 8.


Today President Trump shared at the White House coronavirus briefing that 11 million n95 masks have been delivered in just the last few days including 6.6 million to New York and New Jersey. He also gave a well-deserved call out to cashiers and clerks at grocery stores as being true American Heroes, putting themselves in harm's way in order to help keep America running. He said that we can defeat the invisible enemy and save countless lives if we continue to focus on mitigation.


Face masks continue to be at the forefront of preventative measures.

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti

issued an

emergency order

requiring employees working at “essential” businesses—as well as their customers—to wear face coverings to reduce transmission. Business owners are responsible for supplying masks for their employees. The order emphasizes that medical masks or respirators should be reserved for healthcare workers; instead, the coverings required in LA include cloth masks, scarves, or bandannas. Multiple

other cities in California


elsewhere in the United States

are also mandating mask use in the community so if this hasn’t happened in your area, it certainly might in coming days and weeks.

What you can do

Wear an effective D.I.Y. mask

: HEPA furnace filters, vacuum bags, 600-count pillowcases and flannel pajamas are among the best household items to use, researchers say.

No sewing machine?

The C.D.C. posted instructions for making easy face coverings using a T-shirt or a bandanna and coffee filter.

April 8 Topic: Texting your customers? Here’s 5 things to keep in mind

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What should you send your customers?

  • Get the word out and let your customers know you are an essential business and that you are open for business

  • We created a


    that you can use on Canva 

  • Let them know what new changes or safety protocols your business has

  • Deliver a first-look at upcoming products or services to customers. By doing so, you can start to build hype around a new product or service that makes certain consumers feel in-the-know. This may also help you build a network of word-of-mouth marketing

  • Offer specials sales and discount codes or let them know they can buy gift cards at a special rate (ex. $50 buys you $100 worth of services)

What is the difference between SMS and MMS?

  • SMS is your standard text

  • MMS allows you to add images, they are usually more expensive to send but still cheap from a dollar perspective 

There are laws and regulation  around sending texts 

  • It’s up to you to do your due diligence and know the laws surrounding texting and business

  • When it comes to sending out texts in bulk to your customers, you got to make sure they're opted in

  • Many texting softwares have this built in to easily get the opt-in from customers

Texting software to consider using

What is a keyword?

A keyword is what your customers text to a short code to join your texting marketing list. 


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  • Is texting legal?

    • Yes it absolutely is, BUT you have to make sure you are getting the customer’s opt-in 

  • Do texting companies have an app to download on your phone to answer responses quicker?

    • Most of them should have a companion app. Some will need you to upgrade for different features like dedicated local phone number and then you can set up forwarding to your phone

  • Should we use the dummy cell phone number (Custom SMS Number) tied to our Housecall Pro account or your own cell phone number?

    • This would be a newly generated phone number because an already existing number is called spoofing and carriers block these.

    • Let customers know who you are and what your company is in the first text and let them know that you have some coupons or support local etc… to encourage them to opt-in.

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Keep Your Industry an Essential Service

We’re making it easy to write to your government representatives and send them a letter urging them to classify your industry as an essential service during this time of uncertainty.


Legal disclaimer

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