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As an HVAC technician, a methodical and streamlined inspection process ensures that all the major points are covered when investigating a customer’s HVAC system. This HVAC preventative maintenance checklist ensures that technicians cover all of the major areas during the inspection process, allowing customers to receive premier service and a memorable experience. 

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What makes for a strong HVAC inspection checklist?

An HVAC inspection checklist (also called HVAC quality control checklist) is a tool that you can use for your business to make sure that every component of your customer’s HVAC system is working properly. The checklist makes sure you don’t allow anything to chance. Just like how airline pilots and surgeons go through a checklist before they take flight or perform surgery, so should you perform a total evaluation of quality and maintenance on your customer’s HVAC system. An HVAC systems inspection should occur on a regular basis for your customer (definitely on a seasonal basis yet some inspections happen annually or quarterly as well). Every system varies just slightly but there are general areas that should always be included in the checklist:

  • Basic functioning of furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners
  • Thermostat calibrations
  • Blower components
  • Proper airflow through entire system
  • Electrical connections
  • Quality of installation (whether installed originally by you or another HVAC business)
  • Overall condition of already installed equipment
  • Condenser and evaporator coils
  • Test safety controls
  • Refrigerant pressure
  • Test venting and clearance
  • Gas pressure
  • Test combustion air

Again, the needs of your customer and the services and expertise you can provide will vary. We recommend keeping the inspection checklist fluid and improving and adjusting as necessary. An HVAC inspection checklist should also come in a written and printable form. HVAC maintenance checklist forms allow your business as well as the customer to have a record of the overall quality of the system as well as the work that needs to be done. 

HVAC checklist template example: 

Inspection checklist:

There are several major steps to include in an HVAC checklist. Ultimately, you’ll want to select the following conditions of the unit: 


Inspection item: 

Air Conditioner 

  • Check the condenser coil to determine if it needs cleaning. 
  • Check all wiring and connection to controls and electrical connections. 
  • Check blower belt wear, tension and adjust. 
  • Check voltage and amperage draw on all motors with meter. 
  • Check compressor contractor. 

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How an HVAC inspection checklist benefits your business

Like stated earlier, an HVAC system is an intricate and widely interconnected system that needs all parts working succinctly in order to work properly. If one part of the puzzle stops working, it will most likely halt much of the entire system. While a big repair might be beneficial to your company’s revenues in the short term, it’s not sustainable over the long haul. In order to grow your business the way you envision, you need forecastable revenue so you can hire accordingly and make the necessary investments to scale your business (employee training, fleet purchases etc). 

In the past, we’ve mentioned the benefits of recurring service agreements and how that can help forecast reliable income streams. Within recurring service agreements, when you have an HVAC inspection checklist included you do a number of things:

  • You save time and money due to the streamlined process of following the checklist
  • You build trust with your customers. Your customer sees plain and simple what you are going to inspect and what condition the system is in after the inspection
  • You create predictable revenue. Whether you perform the checklist annually, biannually or seasonally you know when and how much revenue to expect for your yearly budget.

A successful HVAC business knows that reliable and predictable revenue will help the business expand and grow. In order to get that reliable revenue, you don’t necessarily need more work–you need reliable work. When you can illustrate your reliability to your customers and prove the quality of your work through regular maintenance you build trust. An HVAC inspection checklist is a small gesture in building that trust. It shows that you have your customer’s best interest in mind while simultaneously showcasing your competency as a business.

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