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HVAC Test and Balance Report Template

Simplify your test and balance reports with a free downloadable template. Capture every detail, look professional, and keep accurate records.


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HVAC test and balance reports are crucial to the operation of commercial air conditioning and heating systems. These reports give building managers information on how their systems operate, so they can make key HVAC installation and maintenance decisions.

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Here’s everything included in our HVAC test and balance template

Creating accurate and thorough test and balance reports is essential for any HVAC company. Having a simple, straightforward checklist template makes it a whole lot easier. Our test and balance template features:

  • Step-by-step instructions that walk you through the entire template

  • Simple customization to add your branding and personalize customer info

  • A printable report for your records or to send to customers

  • Built-in formulas that save you time calculating totals

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What does HVAC test and air balance report template include?

Air balancing involves testing and adjusting the air conditioning system, whether it’s simple or complex, to get the volume flow into each room and to maintain the right conditions. It is the measuring and adjusting the volume of airflow into each room for maximum comfort.

Technicians typically measure the air at each return grille with air balancing hoods and test the system pressures with manometers. Hydronic meters is used to measure system temperature and humidity. The readings from these measurements will show how the heating and cooling system is working, and put together, they make up the HVAC air balancing report.

Grilles – Metal sheets with parallel slots covering the system’s opening in a wall to allow air or water into the system and for expelling it, while preventing the intake of solid, and harder objects or animals.

Air conditioning fix: In certain scenarios, the air conditioning fixed or the system replaced.

Evaluate the HVAC equipment: Use air balancing hoods for measuring air at the grilles and a manometer to measure system pressures. Hygrometers are used to test the system’s heat and humidity, and these measurements together show a system’s state.

It is normal to see a system with low airflow of 30% to 50%. Air passing through the system takes the heated or cooled air into the rooms.The efficiency of your equipment is completely dependent on the airflow.