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Housecall Pro partnered with Fundbox to provide you with the short term credit you need.

You want to grow your small business, but sometimes unplanned expenses, emergency repairs, or late invoices get in the way. With Fundbox it's easy to get the funds you need to get back on track.

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Connect your business bank account and get approved in minutes

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Once approved, the funds you need will be available as soon as the next business day

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Payback early and get your remaining fees waived

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You pay a simple flat fee for the weeks you need

Fundbox FAQs

Fundbox will perform a business health assessment based on your business transactions. From there they will determine if you’re approved and what your limit is.

There are no subscription costs for Fundbox. Fees for Fundbox start at 4.66% of the amount you withdrew. While your fees may vary, you’ll always know your fees before you take any money out.

When you repay early, your remaining fees will be waived.

Just go to the My Money tab in your Housecall Pro account. You’ll see Fundbox under ‘Business lending.’ All you have to do is click ‘GET BUSINESS CREDIT.

They support most banks and credit unions.

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