Plumbing Fixture Schedule Template (Free Download)

Plumbing Fixture Schedule Template (Free Download)

Plumbing Fixture Schedule Template

What a Plumbing Fixture Schedule Template Is Used For

A plumbing fixture schedule template is a document listing all the plumbing fixture installations in a table format. Fixture schedules are part of plumbing drawings showing specific information, like fixture type, location, and size. These details are crucial for preparing

plumbing estimates

, ensuring code compliance, and obtaining permits.

Plumbing Fixture Schedule Example

Common plumbing fixture schedule fields include:

1. A tag or identifier

2. Fixture type or name

3. Fixture’s material

4. Fixture’s size

5. Fixture’s color

6. Number of fixtures required

7. Manufacturer and catalog or model number

8. Room or location where the fixture will be installed

9. Cold water, hot water, sewage and waste, vent, trap, and gas pipe connection sizes

10. Rough-in height

11. Any fixture accessories, such as stops and valves

12. A notes or remarks section

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